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A man and two women standing on a viewing platform by Flåm Zipline looking down the Flåm Valley
Two people hanging from the Flåm Zipline. Blue sky surrounded by green mountains
Three people walking along the Flåm Railway on a glorious summer’s day.
Two women and a man eating pancakes at Rallarrosa Stølssysteri in the Flåm Valley.
Two cyclists on the quay in Flåm.


このパッケージには、宿泊施設での1泊とフロム発のアドベンチャーが楽しめるツアーが含まれています。フレトハイム ホテル、ハイムリー ペンショナット、ホテル アウルランフィヨルドいずれかの宿泊、お食事つき。朝にはバットナーヘルセンからフロム鉄道で出発します。ここには、スカンジナビアで最長のジップラインであるフロム鉄道があります。コルダールでのわくわくするツアーの後、自転車に乗って、フロム渓谷を下って絶景を楽しむサイクリングを開始します。

今すぐご予約ください!NOK 2599~、-

The Flåm Railway

Known as one of the world’s most scenic railway journeys, the Flåm Railway is a must when visiting Flåm. Even better than a return trip on the train combining the trip with spectacular activities. And this is exactly what this package offers.

Board the Flåm Railway at Flåm station by the fjord and enjoy the ride up the beautiful valley to Vatnahalsen station in the mountains. This is not only one of the most beautiful railways in the world, it is also one of the steepest. You will be impressed by the stunning engineering!




期間: 30.04から15.102022まで 


  • フロム鉄道
  • フロム ジップライン
  • 自転車レンタル
  • 以下のホテルでのご宿泊1泊: 
    • フレトハイム ホテル(フロム)
    • ハイムリー ペンショナット(フロム、ディナー込み)
    • アウルランフィヨルド ホテル(アウルランド)


バイク: 必ず午後8時までにフロム マリーナの波止場に返却してください.pdf


Flåm Zipline: Scandinavia’s longest zipline

From Vatnahalsen station, follow the signs to the Flåm Zipline. The terrace by the zipline offers panoramic views of the lush valley below, and the old construction road, Rallarveien, zigzagging down the steep mountainside.

The zipline has a total span of 1381 metres, a height difference of 305 metres and can reach a maximum speed of up to 100 km/h. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

The zipline finishes at the Kårdal mountain farm. This is the location of Rallarrosa Stølsysteri and, if the kiosk is open, remember to try a homemade traditional pancake with brown goat’s cheese or jam and sour cream.

Cycle the Flåm Valley

Kårdal is where you cycle the approx. 15-kilometre trip back to Flåm. The road is partly gravel, partly paved and is easy to cycle. Take your time to explore the valley and take a packed lunch or a sandwich from Flåm Bakery. There are plenty of idyllic places to stop for a picnic.

It will take you one to two hours to cycle to Flåm. Park the bike at the quay near Flåm Marina by 20:00 at the latest.

Accommodation of your choice

You can choose between three different hotels in this package, all offering comfy beds, good meals based on local produce, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Historical Fretheim Hotel is located just a few steps away from Flåm station and offers a range of different rooms, from standard single to upgraded rooms with an historic touch.

500 metres from the centre of Flåm is the charming Heimly Guesthouse, with beautiful views towards the Aurlandsfjord. If you book your stay at Heimly Guesthouse, dinner is included, as well as breakfast.

Hotel Aurlandsfjord is located in Aurland village centre, approx. a 10-minute drive from Flåm. This newly renovated hotel is the perfect base for active holidays and is close to Flåm and plenty of popular hikes.


  • フロムまたはアウルランドで1泊
  • フロム鉄道でバットナーヘルセンまで
  • ジップラインでコルダールへ
  • 自転車でフロムに戻る

フロム ジップライン お役立ち情報:

  • 最低重量 25kg。
  • 最高重量 140kg。
  • アルコールの影響を受けないようにします。
  • 健康:妊娠中、背中、首、心臓や肺に問題がある、またはてんかんや攻撃につながる可能性のある他の病気がある場合は、ジップラインへのご乗車が適切かどうかをご検討ください。
  • 悪天候時には、安全上の理由でジップラインが運休になる場合があります。