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A man on a snowmobile in front, row of people on snow scooters and mountains behind.

Arctic Train & Snowmobile adventure

Join an adventure which combines a journey with the Arctic Train from Narvik in Norway to Riksgränsen in Sweden and an exciting snowmobile ride in Arctic Lapland.

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Two people by green snowmobiles in front of a group on scooters and mountains.

Snowmobile and train adventure from Narvik

Just a short train ride from Narvik you cross the border into Swedish Lapland, an area known for its vast and beautiful wilderness. This is where you are going on the Arctic Train and snowmobile adventure.

The day starts with a scenic train journey along the Ofotfjord and into the Arctic alpine landscape. Across the border at Riksgränsen station you will be welcomed by an experienced guide who, after a short transfer, will hand out warm clothes and equipment and provide safety and driving instructions.

When ready, you set out riding across the snow-covered landscape. After an action-filled snowmobile tour, you get back on the Arctic Train and return to Narvik.

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Best time to go

  • Program:
    09:40: Meet at Narvik Station
    09:55: Departure from Narvik
    10:54: Arrival at Riksgränsen, pick up by guide
    12:58: Departure from Riksgränsen
    14:07: Arrival at Narvik station
Cultural/ Historical
From NOK 1990,-
Arctic Train locomotive under blue sky next to the Ofotfjord.

Practical information

You need either a driver’s license for snowmobiles or a driver’s license class B (normal car) to be allowed to drive. Passengers do not need a driver’s license.

Parking is available to additional cost near Narvik station.

In the event of extremely bad weather and snowstorm, the tour may be cancelled. Notice of this will be taken the day before, no later than 15:00.

A snowmobile path on arctic winter landscape.

The snowmobile experience

The alpine area surrounding Riksgränsen is nothing but vast, beautiful wilderness. In winter, snowmobiles are the best means of transportation, and you will soon understand why. After the safety and instructions brief, the group will set out driving across the ice- and snow-covered lake Vassiljaure, heading for spectacular valleys and mountain passes.

After approx. 30-40 minutes of driving, you will stop for a short lunch break. The guide got you covered with coffee, tea, and a cinnamon bun, but make sure to bring your own packed lunch from Narvik.

Two people share one snowmobile, but to an additional cost you may drive on your own.

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes and sturdy shoes
  • Hat and gloves
  • Camera
  • Driving licence
  • Passport or other valid ID to cross the border
  • Packed lunch


Children can join this activity but must sit on the back of a scooter while an adult with a driver’s license drives. The child must be tall enough to reach down on the footsteps, normally around the age of 7 or 8 years old. Smaller children can sit on the guide’s scooter sled, preferably accompanied by at least one parent.


There is no vehicle available to transport wheelchairs from the station to the scooters, but people with reduced mobility can get into the minibus with the guide’s help. If driving your own scooter is an issue, it is possible to sit on the back of the guide’s scooter or on the sled.


Just like rental cars, you as the driver are responsible for the vehicle, drivers and passengers are insured by the traffic insurance. The risk itself in the event of any major damage is a maximum of SEK 15,000. In the case of simple damage, it is regulated by what the damaged parts cost in purchase + working time for the repair.

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