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A person with backpack and hat lying on the ground looking down towards the Nærøyfjord.

Breiskrednosi hiking package

Ready for a hiking experience far out of the ordinary? Mt. Breiskrednosi offers a view you could only dream of. When standing on the top you have the UNESCO World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord 1189 metres below you. This is a full day trip, starting with a bus journey and ending with a scenic fjord cruise. In between you have the long but rewarding hike with an ascent of nearly 1200 metres up and down.

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View towards the Nærøyfjord from the path up to Rimstigen

Hiking to Breiskrednosi

The hike to Mt. Breiskrednosi is spectacular, but it is also demanding. Make sure to eat a good breakfast before getting on the bus to Rimstigen & Breiskrednosi in the morning and remember to bring packed lunch and water for the tour.

The bus takes you to the small village Bakka by the Nærøyfjord where the path starts. First, you will hike the steep path up to Rimstigen, over the course of 2,7 kilometres you ascent 725 metres. After a few hundred metres of easy terrain, you start the last big climb of the day up mt. Rimstigfjellet. From there you follow the undulating terrain along the mountain until you reach Mt. Breiskrednosi. Take a rest and enjoy the view to the fjord!

Instead of returning in the same direction, you continue downhill to the mountain farm Vassete and further to Hjølmo. From the mountain farm Hjølmo, you follow the gravel road all the way down to the fjord.

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  • Bus transport from Aurland/Flåm to Bakka
  • Fjord Cruise from Dyrdal to Aurland/Flåm


  • Packed lunch and water
  • Warm and windproof clothes
  • Sturdy hiking shoes
From NOK 460,-

Fjord Cruise from Dyrdal

Dyrdal is an idyllic little fjord village, with no road connection, along the Nærøyfjord. Farming has taken place here for centuries, and at its peak more than 100 people lived here and had their own school and infirmary. The last farmer gave up farming in the 1970s, and now only one man lives here all year. Depending on the weather and how long you spent hiking, maybe it tempts with a refreshing swim in the fjord?

Make sure to be at the quay at 18:00, 15 minutes before the electric vessel arrives to bring you back to Flåm or Aurland.


Bus from Aurland: 08:00

Bus from Flåm: 08:15

Arrival in Bakka: 08:50

Independent hiking time

Fjord Cruise from Dyrdal: 18:15*

Arrival in Aurland: 19:05

Arrival in Flåm: 19:30

*Be at the quay 15 minutes before departure

Alternative hikes

The hike to Breiskrednosi is strenuous, and participants must be in good physical condition and used to hike in varied terrain.

If this seem a bit too hard, there are plenty of shorter and easier options available. For great views of the Nærøyfjord, you can choose to only walk return trip to Rimstigen from Bakka and catch the next bus back to Flåm.

Practical information:

This package includes transportation by bus from Aurland and Flåm to Bakka where the path starts and return by boat from Dyrdal to Aurland and Flåm.

Breiskrednosi is a strenuous hike, you have to be in good physical condition and used to hiking in varied terrain.

What to bring:

  • Food & water
  • Rain and windproof clothing*
  • Layers of clothing*
  • Sun lotion
  • Good hiking shoes or boots
  • Hiking poles are recommended
  • Hiking map

*The weather in the mountains can change quickly.

Food and drink:

Make sure to bring enough food and drink for the whole day. You can order packed lunch from Fretheim Hotel or Hotel Aurlandsfjord.