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View through orange tent opening overlooking a green meadow with a high mountain backdrop and snow- clad peaks
Four people relaxing in the sun in a green meadow by the UNESCO Naeroyfjord while another person prepares food under a sun sail.
Two men and a women hiking along the old Royal postal route by the Nærøyfjord shoreline in Norway on a summer’s day
A couple paddling in red kayak on a summer’s day in the Naeroyfjord from Dyrdal with lush steep mountains
Three people enjoying the spectacular view from the front deck of M/S Future of The Fjords sailing on the UNESCO Nærøyfjord in the summer
Available 2022

Nærøyfjord Kayak, Hike & Cruise

Enjoy this one-day guided soft adventure package in spectacular UNESCO listed Naeroyfjord, where we kayak in the narrow part of the fjord, hike the old Royal post route in 'glamp' style and sail the Nærøyfjord from Flåm to Dyrdal aboard the environmentally friendly vessel Future of The Fjords. Stay at one of our great accommodations and let's make ripples in the fjord together.
On request
Couple in their mid-30s standing on the shoreline with a red kayak on the Nærøyfjord in the summer ready to paddle the calm waters
Dyrdal | Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjord Kayak, Hike & Cruise

Tentative itinerary:
  • 09:00 Meet up with your guide in Flåm
  • 09.30 Fjord Cruise Flåm–Dyrdal incl. storytelling and tour instruction
  • 10:50 Arrive Dyrdal
  • 11:00 Equipment, technique and safety briefing
  • 11:30 Start paddling (Dyrdal-Styvi-Odnes)
  • 12:30 Lunch break in Odnes 
  • 13:30 Paddling
  • 14:30 Hiking and Storytelling: the Royal post route (approx. 2 hours) Odnes–Bleiklindi
  • 16:00 Paddle back to Dyrdal
  • 17:00 Equipment wrap-up, optional. Village tour of Dyrdal, plus snack
  • 18:10 Fjord Cruise Dyrdal–Flåm
  • 19:30 Arrive Flåm and farewell


Best time to go


Period: 03.07.-29.08.2021

Package includes:

  • Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord return from Flåm-Dyrdal 09:30, back in Flåm 19:30
  • Kayak incl. euipment and guide/training
  • Guide: Hiking and storytelling, old Royal post route (5km). Level: Easy
  • Lunch amd late afternoon snack

Start/finish: Flåm Harbour Pier 1 or Aurland quay

Time: 09:00-19:30 

Duration: 10,5 hours 

PAX: Min/Max 2-8 persons 

Children: Max one child pr. adult, age limit 6-15 years From NOK 2499,-

Group activity:  Risk reducing measures corona.pdf

Please notice! Booking request must be submitted before 12.00 pm the day before.

Hiking trail
Cultural/ Historical
On request

- we leave no trace, only ripples in the water -*

Four people relaxing in the sun in a green meadow by the UNESCO Naeroyfjord while another person prepares food under a sun sail.
Odnes | Nærøyfjord

Hiking and storytelling

Arriving by kayak at Odnes, we set up camp and enjoy lunch, stretch our legs and take in the serene surroundings with a refreshing drink. We continue hiking along parts of the old Royal post route, which was used during the winter from the mid-1600s to transport mail to Styvi when the fjord had partially frozen. From there the farmers used to row the mail to Lærdalsøyri. In 1858, steamboats took over the post route. Today the road is an easy walk of approx. 5 km one way from Styvi to Bleiklindi.

Three people walking in the distance through green meadows by the Nærøyfjord shoreline. Huge waterfall descending from a soaring mountain.
The Royal Postal Route | Nærøyfjord

*Njord Seakayak and Wilderness Adventures

This a partnership with Njord Seakayak and Wilderness Adventures, which has been providing guided outdoor tours since 1999. Based in Flåm, the company has given thousands of visitors a great day out – setting the standard for adventure kayaking in the beautiful fjords of Norway.

The vessel M/S Future of The Fjords sails along the emerald green Nærøyfjord in the summer, close to steep green mountains
M/S Future of The Fjords | Nærøyfjord

Silent Fjord Cruise

The two vessels M/S Future of the Fjords and M/S Legacy of The Fjords represent a brand-new standard in design and technology. They have been designed to maximise the tourist experience during all kinds of weather and have large windows and walkways inspired by the winding trails of steep mountain terrain. Passengers are encouraged to visit the top deck and enjoy a very different experience compared to traditional passenger vessels. The interior of the vessels feature Nordic inspired design and offer a high level of comfort.

These are environmentally-friendly vessels, they are fully-electric and sail along the most exposed and spectacular parts of the Nærøyfjord, running on battery power only and maintaining a speed of less than 10 knots.

Brown boat house in Dyrdal with a lifebuoy hanging on a wall above benches on a pier by the Nærøyfjord.
Dyrdal | Nærøyfjord
People standing on the front deck of M/S Vision of The Fjords as it meets its sister vessel M/S Future of The Fjords on the Nærøyfjord.

Practical information

Health and fitness

Though our regular scheduled tours are not strenuous, we highly recommend that you arrange personal travel/ medical insurance.
Please advise your guide if you have any physical conditions that may affect your enjoyment of our kayak tour or hike.
As we have a guide ratio of 1 guide per 8 guests, we are normally able to tailor the pace of the tour which enables you to paddle at your own pace. If you are after strenuous exercise, please be aware that our regular tours are not meant to be this, you will be asked to adjust your speed to the other clients and the guides pace.

*Trademark: In partnership with NJORD - Seaykayak and wilderness adventures

What should I bring for the tour?

Please bring large bottle of drinking water, sunglasses, sunscreen, a cap/hat and camera. We have waterproof camera boxes & bags to borrow, you will be able to borrow a paddling jacket from us. 

Do not forget to be prepared for cold and rainy weather so please dress for the weather, we advise to carry a wind & waterproof jacket + a warm sweater in your daypack even on nice days. 

As the tour includes a easy hike, please wear good outdoors shoes. During the hike there may be a chance for a swim in the fjord so bring swimwear & a towel on sunny days.

Do you use medication ? Please bring essential personal remedies needed for asthma, allergies, heart conditions etc.

Please do not bring

- Cup, plate, cutlery

- Toilet paper

- Flip flop sandals or high heeled shoes

We provide:

Kayaks and all kayaking gear

Lunch, tea and cofee & a snack on the way

First aid kit 

Trained guide with great stories and a huge smile

What is the weather like in Flåm?

Please be aware that Flåm and Aurland are amongst the driest areas on the west coast of Norway and cannot be compared with Bergen as regards amount of rainfall. However, an old Norwegian proverb says “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

You can also check out the weather right now on our different web cameras in and around the Nærøyfjord, Aurland and Flåm area.

Where can I stay in Flåm?

In Flåm and Aurland we recommend staying at one of our comfortable accommodations: The historical Fretheim Hotel in Flåm or our new 'boutique style' Hotel Aurlandsfjord in Aurland. If you choose to stay in Aurland you can embark/disembark the fjordcruise from there, only 5 min walk from Hotel Aurlandsfjord.

Notice! The trip can be cancelled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances or if there is not enough participants.