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Hiking trail signs along Rallarveien and the Ofot railway
Two people looking out of the window from the Arctic Train towards Rombaken
A group of hikers standing around a guide by a bunker on the Navvies’ Road
Rombaken fjord and the surrounding mountains outside Narvik in the summer.
© Michael Ulriksen
The Arctic Train on the Ofot Line above Rombaken

The Arctic Train, Hiking & Fjord Cruise

This is a real kinder egg of a half day excursion from Narvik, and a must for everyone interested in history. The trip starts with a train ride with the Arctic Train on the Ofot Line, continues 6,5 kilometres by foot on the Navvies Road (Rallarveien), and ends with a scenic fjord cruise through the Rombak fjord back to Narvik.

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A group of hikers walking along a path below a red house by Katterat station.

Historical half-day trip by train, including a hike and a fjord cruise

Narvik is a gem for anyone interested in fascinating history and beautiful nature. This excursion offers everything – and it is as fun for children as it is interesting for adults. Starting with a train ride on the Arctic Train on Norway’s northernmost railwaw, continuing with a 6.5- kilometre downhill hike along the Rallarveien and ending with a relaxing boat trip back to Narvik. On the trip you can learn about the extremely challenging construction work and the dramatic Battle of Narvik during the Second World War via the Voice of Norway app and information boards.

If you want to walk the full length of the Rallarveien, which actually crosses into Norway, this is possible on a full day trip.

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Period: 19 June - 21 August 2021

Included: The Arctic Train and Fjord Cruise Narvik


  • 12:00: Departure from Narvik by Arctic Train
  • 12:45: Arrival at Katterat station
  • 13:00 - 16:00: Walking to Rombaksbotn
  • 16:20: Departure from Rombaksbotn by Fjord Cruise Narvik
  • 17:30: Arrival at Narvik harbour
From NOK 650,-
A man and woman looking at Rombaken towards Narvik from the Arctic Train

The Arctic Train

The Arctic Train opened in 2020 and makes it easier to explore the Ofot Railway line and the beautiful Arctic landscape between Narvik and the Swedish border. This trip starts by train from Narvik and you can choose to travel all the way to Bjørnfjell, if you’d like to return from Bjørnfjell to Katterat station, where the hike starts. You can also follow the entire history of the railway on an audio guide. The other option is to go directly to Katterat station, which gives you an 30 extra minutes on the hike down to Rombaksbotn.

At Katterat station you’ll see the pretty red station building dating from from 1921. Next to the railway line is “Katteratgubben”, a four-metre-tall rock formation that resembles a man – looking over the valley below. This impressive geological formation weighs approx. 10 tons and balances on just a small rock.

A group of hikers walking along the Rallarveien between bare trees with an autumn sun in the background.

Hiking the Navvies’ Road

When you start hiking to Rombaksbotn, look for the signs and walk past the few remaining buildings here. Until 1960, Katterat station had a small permanent population. However, these days the houses are used as cabins and lodges.

The Navvies’ Road, or Rallarveien in Norwegian, was built to make it easier to transport materials from the fjord to the mountains in order to construct the railway in the late 19th century. From Rombaksbotn, it continues all the way into Sweden and further to Kiruna. It got its name from the construction workers, who were called Navvies (Rallarer) and made a living from working on various railway projects in Norway and Sweden.

The section from Katterat is only 6.5 kilometres long and is easy to walk, but you should take your time. You will pass many historical sites and remnants from forgotten times – and information boards will provide you with further information. However, the interesting history is not the only reason to take this trip. The rough landscape changes quickly and you will walk through wild valleys, along a pretty river and see several waterfalls plunging down the mountain sides.

Rombaken in sunny weather. Rombak bridge in the foreground surrounded by mountains.
© Michael Ulriksen

Boat trip from Rombaksbotn back to Narvik

Rombaksbotn has one of Norway’s shortest and strangest histories. When the railway line was being built from 1898 to 1903, Rombaksbotn developed into a vibrant settlement with everything from a grocery store and a hotel to a bowling alley and a police station. It also had a brothel run by two sisters. After the railway had opened, people started moving to the newly established town of Narvik, or joined other construction crews. In 1903 a major fire destroyed most of the settlement, and today only the foundations remain.

The last leg of the trip is by boat back to Narvik. From the boat you can see and learn about the naval battles that took place on the fjord at the beginning of World War Two. Nazi Germany lost as much as 47% of its fleet of destroyers here, and you can still see the remains of the destroyer, Georg Thiele, peering up from the fjord.

After 1 hour and 10 minutes you will be back in Narvik, this time at Narvik harbour.

An eagle flying with a seagull in the background.
© Michael Ulriksen

Option 1: The full train experience

  • 12:00: Departure from Narvik by Arctic Train
  • 13:07: Arrival at Bjørnfjell
  • 13:15: Departure from Bjørnfjell 
  • 13:30: Arrival at Katterat station
  • 13:30 - 16:00: Walking to Rombaksbotn
  • 16:20: Departure from Rombaksbotn by Fjord Cruise Narvik
  • 17:30: Arrival at Narvik harbour

Option 2: More time for hiking

  • 12:00: Departure from Narvik by Arctic Train
  • 12:45: Arrival at Katterat station
  • 13:00 - 16:00: Walking to Rombaksbotn
  • 16:20: Departure from Rombaksbotn by Fjord Cruise Narvik
  • 17:30: Arrival at Narvik harbour

Practical information:

Meeting place: Narvik Station

Bring clothes according to the weather, food, water, and hiking shoes. 

Available to all with normal physical health. Not accessable for wheel chairs. 

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