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The Aurland Shoe

Aurland Shoe Économusée

The purpose is to preserve, develop and demonstrate traditional craftsmanship and knowledge of the craft.

An Économusée is not a museum in the usual sense, but a living workshop, offering a real tourist attraction alongside the manufacture and sale of traditional products. We will show you our craft traditions and their historical context, as well as offer you the chance to purchase our products.

The Aurland Shoe Économusée opened on 1 July 2009, the first in Europe and the first under the Économusée Northern Europe label. There are now 5 other Norwegian Économusées, in addition to the Aurland Shoe workshop, all of them in Hordaland county:

  1. Oselvar Boatbuilders (Os)
  2. Fjordtønna Coopers (Samnanger)
  3. Stine Hoff Glassblower (Hop, Bergen)
  4. Treskjerartunet Woodcarvers (Myrkdalen in Voss)
  5. Tre og tønner DA Coopers (Indre Samnøy in Fusa)

The idea behind the Économusée model is to:

  • PROMOTE living craftsmanship and traditional skills
  • PRESERVE culture and traditions
  • COMBINE culture, the economy and tourism
  • BUILD a cultural model for entrepreneurship