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Two people in a red kayak on the clear blue Reinefjord. Jagged mountains in the background.
A red double kayak with two paddlers in front of Reine Rorbuer, a fishing boat and mt. Reinebringen.
A red kayak with two people on clear turquoise water. Red fishing huts to the left.
A kayak on the bay in Reine. White houses and forest on an island. Mountains behind.
Rocks and  brown seaweed in front. Kayak on blue fjord. Tall, rugged mountains around. Blue, cloudy sky.
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Kayaking from Reine

Explore Reine’s spectacular surroundings on a guided kayaking tour!

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Two people paddling a tandem kayak past red fisherman's huts in Reine.

Guided paddling tour from Reine

A kayaking tour on the Reinefjord from Reine is an adventure you should not miss. Explore the charming village and its spectacular surroundings with steep, jagged mountains raising straight up from the crystal-clear water, and listen to the guide tell stories about the wildlife, nature and culture of the area.

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Best time to go


Period: June - September

For request, please contact Visitor Center: info@norwaysbest.com

From NOK 800,-
Two people in a yellow kayak on the Reinefjord in front of a green hill. Large mountain behind.

Equipment & instructions

You start your tour by Reine Rorbuer, where you will receive the equipment. The experienced guides will provide all information and necessary instructions. When you are ready, we will set out on a kayaking trip in one of the most beautiful areas of Lofoten!

A kayak on the Reinefjord. View to two fjord arms and mountains around them.

Beautiful Reinefjord

The Reinefjord is an arm of the large Vestfjord. Despite being only 3 kilometres long, it is one of the most picturesque places in Lofoten. It expands into not less than 4 arms: the Vorrfjord, the Kjerkfjord, the Bunesfjord, and the Forsfjord. Since all of them are surrounded with tall, jagged peaks, the scenery can rightly be described as dramatic. As there are no road connections in these fjords, boat is the only transportation available to the few people still living in the once lively fisherman’s settlements.

Several small islands marks the entrance of the Reinefjord. One of them is Sakrisøy, known for its bright yellow fishing huts and storehouses. At the beginning and end of the tour, you will cross the Reinevågen bay, where you get a good view of the cosy, red fisherman’s huts at Reine Rorbuer.

A kayak with two paddlers on clear water in front of Reine village.
A kayak on the Reinevågen bay. Reine behind them, blue sky with light clouds.

Practical information:

Period: June - September
Meeting place: Reine Rorbuer
Meeting time: 09:30
Starting time: 10:00
Duration: 2 hours
Min. age: 8 years
Requirements: Basic swimming skills
Parking: By the petrol station in Reine


What to bring:

  • Clothes according to weather
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Hat/cap and sun lotion in sunny weather
  • Hat and gloves for cold weather


  • All necessary equipment
  • Basic instructions

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