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Voss Gondola top station outside restaurant in winter seen from Hangurstoppen mountain. People outside enjoying the sun in their ski gear
Voss Gondola view from Hangurstoppen. Voss in backround beautiful summers day
Voss Gondola base station building viewed from outside in Voss city centre. Gondolas can be seen on their way to the top of mountain
Voss Gondola top station outside building in summer seen from Hangurstoppen mountain (820 Masl), overlooking Voss area
Inside Voss Gondola top station spacious restaurant. People enjoying the spectacular view and Nordic design on a bright sunshine day
Woman with dog and couple in hiking gear overlooking the amazing view from Hangurtoppen mountain above Voss in summertime
3 people skiing downhill above the Voss Gondola top station overlooking the winter wonderland from the Voss Resort ski slopes
Overview of Voss Ski Resort ski slopes near the top of Voss Gondola station in snow packed winter landscape with random fir trees
One of 9 Gondola Cabins with capacity of 34 people, viewed from the outside. Red frame with large windows and comfy seats

Voss Gondola

Voss Gondola is the largest and most modern gondola in northern Europe, starting at the Voss train station and ending at the spectacular Hangurstoppen in less than 7 minutes. The Voss Gondola is a great hub and one of the best places to visit in Norway for enjoying a wide variety of summer and winter activities.

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Modern Scandinavian interior design inside Voss Gondola restaurant

Hangurstoppen Restaurant

Hangurstoppen Restaurant with seating capacity for 450 people on two floors is Voss’s largest restaurant and aprés ski lounge. The restaurant can be booked for special occasions, meetings and conferences. The dining experience consists of homemade meals made from local ingredients from several farms in and around Voss.  The large outdoor seating area and generous windows provide a panoramic view and close contact with nature and instant access to a great variety of hiking trails.

The largest and most modern gondola in northern Europe

People outside Hangurstoppen top station Voss Gondola skiing in sunshine

Skiing and other activities

At the top station Hangurstoppen (820 masl), there are areas for recreation and sports activities. During summer, one can go hiking (both short and long hikes), biking and paragliding. During winter, there is immediately access to the ski resort from the top station. A ski school and ski rental shop will also be located at the top station. The ski resort is one of the largest in Western Norway.

Two children overlooking Voss from windows inside Voss Gondola
Familiy trying out bike trails on top of Voss Gondola in sunshine
Couple hiking with dog in the surroundings on top of Voss Gondola

Hiking Activities

There are marked hiking trails for all levels around the spectacular Hangurstoppen and Voss Gondol. Whether you are searching for short or long hiking trips, Hangurstoppen is the perfect starting point for hiking in the mountains.

Overview of the Voss Gondola at the new traffic hub in the city centre of Voss

Located at the traffic hub

The lower station of the new gondola is located at the new traffic hub at Voss Railway Station (Voss Station, 56 masl). The end station is at Hangurstoppen (820 masl), next to the top of the Express lift.

The unique location by the traffic hub will make it easy for visitors to access and travel up to the mountain in an environmentally friendly way.

You can easily access Voss by train from both Oslo and Bergen – the two largest cities in Norway.

If you travel from Bergen Station, it will take you 1.5 hours from boarding the Bergen train until you are at the top of Hangurstoppen Mountain, ready for exciting summer and winter experiences.

The largest and most modern mountain gondola

The new gondola is a so-called 3S cable car, which means that each lane has two cables and a pulling rope. This makes it very stable compared to gondolas that usually hang from a single cable.

The track has a free span of 900 metres from the lower station to the first mast. There are only two types of lifts that can have such long spans. One is a gondola rail with many cabins on the same cable, such as the new gondola rail at Voss, and the other is a suspension railway, which is a gondola in which one car goes up while the other goes down, such as Ulriksbanen in Bergen.

Voss Gondola Facts

  • Type: Leitner Ropeways 3S
  • Start: 56 masl
  • End: 820 masl
  • Length: 2000 meters
  • Capacity: 1069 passengers per hour
  • Number of cabins: 9 (max 13)
  • Capacity per cabin: 34 passengers
  • Time: 6 minutes and 48 seconds or Just under 7 minutes
  • Restaurant capacity: 450 guests

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