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View over the Rombaken fjord towards Narvik in nice weather. A bridge crossing the fjord.

Fjord Cruise Narvik

Embark on a guided cruise that will take you through the scenic and interesting Rombak fjord from Narvik, which was a scene of several marine battles during the second world war. The destination is Rombaksbotn, famous for its navvies heritage. You will be amazed not only by the dramatic history of the area but also the raw beauty of the surrounding arctic nature. This is an experience you cannot miss.

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Rombaken fjord and surrounding mountains see from the Ofot Line.
© Michael Ulriksen

Discover Rombaken fjord from Narvik

Being an arm of the larger Ofotfjord, Rombaken stretches 20 kilometres from Narvik in the east direction, reaching the remnants of the little settlement Rombaksbotn, which shares the name with the last 3 kilometres of the fjord. Located between steep mountains, it guarantees an amazing scenery during the cruise. Along the southern coast of the fjord, on the mountain slope, you can spot the historic Ofotbane railway line, where the Arctic Train operates.

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Period: 11 June - 21 August

Timetable: Fjord Cruise Narvik 2021

Departure from Narvik Port, pier 1

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Cultural/ Historical
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A ship cemetery

From the 9th of April 1940, a series of naval battle took place in the area, with the German Kriegsmarine attacking the Norwegian ports as a strategic part of Nazi Germany’s invasion in Norway. The result of the battles was sinking of 10 German destroyers, which meant half of the destroyer fleet, one submarine and several other ships, while the Allies lost two destroyers. Even now it is possible to spot the remains of the Georg Thiele destroyer in Rombaksbotn.

Short history of a fjord town

Rombaksbotn, at the end of the Rombak fjord, had only a few inhabitants, mainly farmers and fishermen, until the construction of the Ofot railway started in the end of 19th century. In 1889 a construction of barracks and houses for the navvies and engineers started, followed by a grocery shop, bakery, bowling alley, police station and even a brothel. Soon, there were nearly 700 people living in Rombaksbotn. However, short after the completion of Ofot railway, a large fire destroyed Rombaksbotn and the town has never been rebuilt. Today you can still find the foundations of the settlement in the area.

Combine with The Arctic Train and hiking

Get the most out of the day and an even better insight into the historical events and sites. Combine the fjord cruise with a train ride to Katterat Station and walk the 6,5 kilometres down to Rombaksbotn. Along the path you pass remnants from the areas interesting history and you can read more about the different places on information boards. After reaching Rombaksbotn, you can wander around the old foundations of the town that disappeared or opt for a refreshing bath before the fjord cruise takes you back to Narvik.

Orange sunset over the Ofot and Rombaken fjords.
© Michael Ulriksen
An eagle nearby, seagull in the back.
© Michael Ulriksen


Timetable: Fjord Cruise Narvik 2021


Vessel: MS Alba

Capacity on board:

  • 98 people
  • 10 dogs
  • 10 bicycles
  • 2 kayaks

Food & Beverage

On board kiosk serves hot and cold drinks and a variety of food and refreshments.

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