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A blue and grey train on railway tracks. Fjord and mountains in the back, blue sky.

The Arctic Train Rallar hike

The Arctic Train, Norway’s northernmost railway line, goes through a both beautiful and historically interesting Arctic landscape outside of Narvik. Explore it by combining the train ride with hiking the Navvies’ Road from Bjørnfjell station to Katterat station.
Available 2022
A blue train on railway tracks at a station on the Ofot line. Red houses beneath, snowy mountains and blue sky.

A historical railway and hiking route

The Arctic Train operates on the Ofot line from Narvik to the Swedish border. The railway line was built around 1900 to easier transport iron ore from northern Sweden to an ice-free port and is known to be one of the most extreme railway constructions in history. In relation to the railway itself they also built a construction road from the fjord at Rombaksbotn up into the mountains, which is called the Navvies’ Road after the Navvies working there. The road still exists, and you can walk it from Bjørnfjell to Katterat station.

In addition to being a gentle walking route in scenic surroundings, you can learn more about the history of the railway construction and events from WW2 from information boards long the way. We recommend that you download the Voice of Norway app before boarding the train and listen to the audio guide on the train to Bjørnfjell in order to get a better insight into the history before walking.

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Best time to go



  • Friday - Sunday in September
  • Every day in October


  • Departure from Narvik: 12:00
  • Walking the Rallarveien: 13:07 - 18:45
  • Departure from Katterat: 18:49
  • Arrival to Narvik: 19:32

Lenght of walking: 10,6 kilometres

Available 2022
A man and a woman walking on a path in alpine terrain. Tree with small leaves in front.

Walking the Rallarveien

The 10,6-kilometre-long tour to Katterat station is signposted all the way from Bjørnfjell station. Most of the route is gravel road and easy to walk, but not suitable for prams, wheelchairs or people with mobility impairments.

The tour starts with Arctic alpine terrain at Bjørfjell near the Swedish border until you have passed Søsterbekk station. Past the historical Norddalsbrua bridge you follow the mountain side along the Norddalen valley, and after a while you get good views towards Rombaksbotn.

Make sure to follow the signs to Katterat station in order to reach the train back to Narvik. In the summer season the train and hiking tour can be combined with a boat trip from Rombaksbotn back to Narvik.

Two people walking on Rallarveien. Mountains and leaf trees around.
Views of Norddalsbrua bridge and mountain terrain with patches of snow seen through branches with green leaves.


  • Departure from Narvik: 12:00
  • Walking the Rallarveien: 13:07 - 18:45
  • Departure from Katterat: 18:49
  • Arrival to Narvik: 19:32

What to bring:

Bring clothes according to the weather. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, hence make sure to bring some extra warm and windproof clothing.

Food and drink for the day. Baked goods, sandwiches and wraps can be purchased at Narvik station.

Wear good hiking shoes.

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