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Field of purple flowers in front of the Hjørundfjord. Rugged peaks in the background and a boat sailing.
A man on a swing above the Hjørundfjord. The Sunnmøre Alps with patches of snow in the foreground.
A calm day on the Hjørundfjord, where the steep mountains are reflected in the water.


欢迎来到奥勒松和奥耶之间的默勒-鲁姆斯达尔郡,沿着长达 35 公里的约伦峡湾巡游,领略孙默勒阿尔卑斯山的巍峨风光。您将穿过未被破坏的大自然,一个历史悠久的、变化多端的、坚固而多变的峡湾。