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Historic guided walk in Old Town Lærdal

Join a guided tour through the charming streets of Old Lærdalsøyri and learn about the towns interesting history. This small, unique town dates back to the 13th century, and even further if you consider archaeological findings from the Viking Age. The guide will share all about this and more during the 45-minute-tour.

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Guided tour in Old Lærdalsøyri

With nearly 170 protected buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, Old Lærdalsøyri is steeped in history. Its streets bear witness to the time when Lærdal was the most important trading center between Eastern and Western Norway. Here, traders from the coast arrived by boat on the Sognefjord, while others came on foot or horseback via the Kongevegen path across the mountains from the east. 

This and more will be covered by the guide on the 45-minute round trip. The tour starts next to the old town hall (Øyragata 11) and ends at the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre in Lærdal. If you arrive by bus from Flåm or Aurland, the guide will meet you at the bus stop nearby. 

The tour is conducted in Norwegian and English. 

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Wild Salmon Center & Bakery

Lærdal is not only known as a historical trading place between Eastern and Western Norway but also for salmon fishing. For centuries, the Lærdal River and its large salmon have attracted sport fishermen from around the world. At the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre, you can learn more about this, as well as the fascinating life and future prospects of salmon. Entrance is included in the tour.

In the same building as the Wild Salmon Centre, you also find Laksen Bakery & Café, offering a selection of baked goods, pizza, and beverages.

Practical information:

Times: 10:00 and 14:10

Meeting point: Øyragata 11, Lærdal

Duration: 45 minutes

Tour ends at the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre

Bus times:

Departure from Flåm: 09:00 and 13:15
Departure from Aurland: 09:10 and 13:25

Return from Lærdal: 12:05 and 15:45

Food & drinks on buses

• Bottled drinks are allowed.
• Not allowed to consume food on board.

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