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Under water world exhibition national Norwegian wild salmon centre in Lærdal. People exploring huge wall projections.

Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre in Lærdal

We have taken the Lærdal river into the centre and you get to experience the salmon in their true element - yes, you can almost touch them. Enjoy this rich media exhibition and get a deeper understanding of the Atlantic wild salmon.

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Close up of girl with brown hair looking through a window under water level at a live salmon swimming.

Get to know the salmon and what it has meant to us

Inside the exhibition, you can follow the salmon through its upbringing in the river, its migration out into the ocean, back into the fjord, and up its tributary until it meets the waterfall it cannot pass. What does the salmon encounter on its way? What has the salmon meant to us? What do we know about the state of the salmon's environment? How do humans affect the salmon's life before and now? What does the future look like?

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Opening hours
15 - 30 May: 10:00 - 16:00
15 Jun - 31 Aug: 10:00 - 18:00
1 - 30 Sept: 10:00 - 16:00

À partir de 140,- NOK

A visit is an experience for the whole family – young and old.

Young boy looking at wild salmon media exhibition in Lærdal projected onto tables & walls.

The exhibition area

We use film, sound, large projections, and images. For those who want more information, we have interactive screens. There are quizzes and challenges for young and old. You can do it all in 20 minutes or spend the whole day.

We talk about:

  • The salmon's wonderful life.
  • The relationship between salmon and humans.
  • The conflicts of interest related to salmon and their habitats.
  • The salmon's ability to adapt and survive and how we manage it.
  • The future - what does the future look like for salmon in light of climate change and human consumption of nature?

You get a deeper understanding of the salmon and its life within a larger framework. We want to open new perspectives as a basis for reflection, create a desire to know more, interest and enthusiasm to preserve the wild salmon and its habitats, and not least give the guest a good experience.

Birds view of national Norwegian wild salmon centre and village in Lærdal in lush summer landscape. Blue sky and river.

Lærdalselva – world-renowned salmon river

The large salmon and nature make the Lærdal river an attractive salmon river. Lærdal and the Sognefjorden have long, and strong traditions linked to salmon.

The average weight of the salmon in the Lærdal river is 7.5 kg, and the record salmon is 26.5 kg. In a "normal year" 1,000-1,500 salmons are caught. The large salmon and the river's spectacular landscape have lured anglers, royalty, and rich people from all over the world to Lærdal. This has created jobs and value for nearly 200 years. The Lærdal river is also King Harald's river. He has been fishing in the river since the early 1950s.

Getting there

Address: Øyraplassen 14, 6887 Lærdal

Parking: Public parking at the center and at Lærdalsøyri

Practical information

Wheelchair accessibility: Good.

Eating places: Laksen cafe and bakery.

Toilets: Yes.

Shop: Small shop connected to the art centre.

Guiding: Self-instructional exhibitions - guiding on request.

Other: Art center with local and national art in the same building.

The Lærdal area

A short distance from the old village of Lærdal with 160 protected wooden houses, distinctive buildings, shops, and restaurants. Campsite with outdoor fitness park for young and old, sauna (Auga) at the outlet of Lærdalselva.

View over the Lærdal river and the fjord. Day trip cabin and hiking trails nearby. In autumn, you can walk along the old Royal road and see the salmon spawning.

20 minutes drive to Borgund stave church and the Borgund center, 'Vindhellaveien' and 'Sverrestien' (Sverre trail).

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