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The understatement of the year

First of all, let us explain. Norwegians are not typically known for using the largest of words to describe our excitement. ‘Not bad’ might sound like a negative expression, but coming from a Norwegian, most often it means the exact opposite. Still not sure what we are talking about? Here are 6 experiences in Norway that are just that: Not bad!

1. Hiking through Norway's Grand Canyon

Did you know that Norway got its very own Grand Canyon? At least that’s what the Aurlandsdalen Valley is called. If you are just doing one hike on your travel to Norway, this should be it. Why, you might ask. Because it takes you through the epitome of Western Norwegian landscapes.

Picture yourself walking past centuries old settlements; standing inside a massive giant’s kettle from the last ice-age; crossing a river as sparkling blue as the Caribbean Sea; passing by waterfalls plunging into open air above you; and views to endless mountains. The hike between Østerbø and Vassbygdi brings a unique mix of a wonderful nature experience and cultural heritage. The trail actually once was one of the main routes between east and west!

2. Cooling down in a waterfall after a hike

The Geirangerfjord in Western Norway is home to some incredible waterfalls with fairytale-like names such as ‘The Seven Sisters’ and ‘The Suitor’. We might be crazy, but we don’t actually recommend taking a shower in a waterfall. However, getting up close to a roaring waterfall, discovering tiny rainbows and feeling the cold waterdrops touch your head is an experience you’ll never forget!

3. Taking that first sip of your morning coffee

Did you know that Norwegians are second on the list of coffee consumption per person in the world? We sure love our morning coffee. What better way to enjoy it than bringing it on board a fjord cruise down the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord, accompanied by spectacular views of the fjord and mountains.

4. Travelling back in time

We are not magicians (unfortunately), but this country sure has some really awesome sites that will make you feel like you are traveling back in time. Some of the farms along the Flåm Railway have been situated there for hundreds of years. Even the train itself represents an interesting part of history. Let your thoughts wander as you pass by incredible views of mountains, farmlands and waterfalls that have been there for decades. To explore the area close up, opt to travel by train one way and return by foot or bicycle. You can even choose to add some adrenaline to your experience and book a package including Scandinavia’s longest zipline!

5. Digging in on those local tastes

What better way to experience a new country and culture than through a plate full of local temptations! From goat cheese made in Undredal by the Nærøyfjord to shellfish from the coast outside Bergen – the chefs at Fretheim Hotel in Flåm are all about creating an excellent dining experience with local and seasonal ingredients. Inspired by traditional cooking methods, with a modern touch.

6. Unique living

In the old days, most farms in Myrkdalen had small barns in the outlying land near the farm, used for milking cows just after they’d been put out to graze in summer before moving them further up in the mountain. The Tråfjosen barn was left unused for 40 years, but now you can spend the night here. This is a place for tranquillity, surrounded by beautiful nature.