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A blond woman singing into a microphone and a man with long hair playing guitar on a stage.
An audience sitting on chairs and on the lawn in front of Fretheim Hotel
People helping themselves from a seafood buffet at Fretheim Hotel
A chef talking to guests at a bar. Guests holding cups of tea and plates of cured meat.
Two women standing by their bikes looking at a small farm near a steep mountainside on the Rallarvegen.
A man reading from a book into a microphone and another singing and playing guitar on a stage at Fretheim Hotel.
A chef in a black apron marinating lobster with a brush.
A band singing and playing on a boat on the Nærøyfjord.
A woman in a green velour dress and high heels in front of a boat. Raising a glass towards the Nærøyfjord.
Four ladies in hiking gear smiling at the camera outside Fretheim Hotel.

Events & Packages

Fretheim Hotel offers a rich and diverse programme of activities and events in Flåm all year round. With emphasis on entertainment, culinary experiences and the spectacular surrounding nature, there is something for every taste.