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©Chris Baldry
Sognaporten seen from outside with snowy landscape around.
People eating lunch at a long table at Sognaporten Cafe.
©Chris Baldry
Interior photo at Sognaporten in Aurland.
©Chris Baldry
Sognaporten café and gas station seen from the road in summer.


Welcome to new Sognaporten. A place where you can stretch your legs, get something to eat, charge or fuel your car and use the toilet facilities. Sognaporten is located by the E16 just outside the Lærdal tunnel. Mind that the food concept is under development and will be expanded autumn 2023.

A group sits around a table at Sognaporten café eating.
Sognaporten is an ideal place to stop for lunch | ©Chris Baldry

Sognaporten by the Lærdal Tunnel

Norway's best has taken over the operation of the premises of Sognaporten. We mark a new concept, which is especially reflected in what food and drinks are on offer.

For now, Sognaporten offers travellers food and drinks in the form of sandwiches, salads, cakes, and ice cream. Additionally, you can naturally purchase coffee, tea, local juice, mineral water, and other beverages here. The café has a pleasant outdoor area with tables and benches, as well as two newly renovated indoor café areas with a total of nearly 100 seats.

There are charging points for electric cars and fuel pumps for gasoline and diesel as before.

Best time to go


Period: All year

Days: Daily

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday: 12 -18
Friday: 12- 20
Saturday: 12- 20
Sunday: 12- 20

Fuel and charging station for electric cars: All day

Payment: Card, Cash & Vipps

The food concept is under development.

Address: Skulevegen, 5745 Aurland

Tel: +47 46708513

Email: sognaporten@norwaysbest.com

Use this link to order take-away pizza. 

A pleasant place to stop along the E16

An Italian style pizza with basil garnish on a table.
Try our tasty pizza! | @Barbora Valentová

Genuine Italian pizza

Do you fancy a warm meal? Try our tasty pizza, made with thin crust and real mozzarella by a proper Italian pizzaiolo. 

Choose between: 

  • Pepperoni with cheese, ham & onion
  • Capricciosa with cheese, ham & onion
  • Margherita with fresh tomatoes, champignon, pepper, Italian mozzarella
  • Vegetarian with champignon, pepper, Italian mozzarella & onion
  • Calzone with your choice of filling
  • Gluten free pizza with your choice of topping*

Except for the mozzarella, which is imported from Italy, all ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. Pizza is available for both dining in and take-out. 

Would you rather try something traditional from Norway? Order a bowl of our locally made stew, Sognalapskaus. 

*May contain traces of gluten

Click here to order take-away pizza!

People talking and smiling while eating lunch at Sognaporten Café.
©Chris Baldry
Round cakes in a counter with beverage cans beneath.
Sognaporten offers everything from Italian style pizza to cakes
A group of men and women eating at Sognaporten cafe. Snowy landscape seen through the windows.
©Chris Baldry