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A child and a man in a small red raft on a rapid in river Vosso
Children in life vests and helmets sitting in a rafting boat smiling while guide behind is shouting.
Two boys smiling in a red duckie on a clear river. Holding paddles and wearing life vests, helmets and wetsuits.
A guide stretching his arms out behind a group of tourists in a rafting boat.

Family Rafting in Voss

Bring your family along on an exciting rafting trip with Voss Active in river Vosso!

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A group of children sitting in a rafting boat going down a rapid. The adult guide is screaming.

Experience rafting for with family in Voss

Family rafting suits perfect for families and groups with children under the age of 15, or for those who think rafting in the rivers Strandaelva or Raundalselva is too tough.

The rafting trip takes 3 hours in total, of which 1,5 hours are on the river. Voss Active have two daily departures at 09:30 and 14:30, and you can request pick up at Voss bus terminal.

On normal water levels we have two different types of rafts you can try. The large and steady boats that take up to 8 people, and the small 2-man rafts for those seeking more of a challenge. On high water levels we only use the large ones. Regardless, we promise lots of water and fun for everyone!

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Best time to go


Season: mid-May – mid-October

Daily departures: 09:30 and/or 14:30

Age limit: Everyone +5 years of age

Meeting place: Nedkvitnesvegen 25, 5710 Skulestadmo

Pick-up: At Voss bus terminal 30 min prior to departure. Pre-booking is necessary.

Bring swimwear and towel. Wool underwear on cold days.

From NOK 830,-

Welcome to day of family fun on the river!

Two boys in helmets and wet suits rafting in a small boat.

Rafting the river Vosso

Vosso has a long history as a large and well known salmon river. It floats west from Voss to Evanger in direction of Bergen.

The rafting tour is 7 km long and alternates between calm sections, small fun waves and some larger but safe rapids. We stop along the way and those who wish can jump in the river and swim with the salmon! Everyone with normal good health can join. You have to be comfortable with water, but swimming skills are not necessary. We go ashore in Evanger where refreshments await.

Want to taste our warming homemade lunch? Pre-order and it will be ready for you at 13:00.

A man and kids sitting in a rafting boat with a guide holding his arms out.

Practical information

  • Daily departures at 09:30 and/or 14:30
  • Meeting place: Nedkvitnesvegen 25, 5710 Skulestadmo
  • Transportation from Voss centre can be pre-ordered. Pick-up point is Voss bus terminal 30 minutes prior to departure
  • The tour takes 3 hours in total. 1,5 hours on the river
  • Family rafting is suitable for everyone of normally good health from 5 years of age. Swimming skills are not mandatory, but you must be comfortable in water.


  • Bring swimwear and towel. Wool underwear is recommended on cold days.
  • All necessary equipment is included (wetsuit, neoprene shoes, life jacket and helmet)

About Voss Active

Voss Active has provided rafting experiences in Voss since 1992. Throughout the years the company has expanded and now offers over 15 different activities, with Family rafting, White water rafting and the high rope course and zipline park as highlights.

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