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Stegastein Viewpoint

Experience the spectacular Stegastein viewing platform, 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord. Book a sightseeing tour with panoramic views from Flåm to Stegastein here!

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Tourists on Stegastein viewpoint above Aurlandsfjord in summer.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

Panoramic view of the Aurlandsfjord

Stegastein is one of the must-visit locations near Flåm. From the lookout platform, you have a panoramic fjord view – unparallelled any other place in Norway. The only other way to get views like this is to put on your hiking shoes and walk uphill.

You also have an eagle’s eye view of Aurland town centre, the impressive mountain range across the fjord and towards Flåm.

Booking this tour from Flåm or Aurland gives you approx. 30 minutes at the viewpoint. The perfect amount of time to look around and get your photographs without getting bored.


Why book a sightseeing tour to Stegastein?

With several daily departures year-round, this tour is the most carefree way to get to Stegastein. In the summer, traffic jams can be an issue on the narrow road that winds its way up the mountainside from Aurland. In winter, the steep road may get slippery with ice and snow. Booking a tour lets you enjoy the scenery rather than worrying about driving.

Compared with booking a taxi, the tour is also a budget-friendly alternative.

We also offer an audio guide free of charge for the drive, giving good insights into Aurland and the places you see along the way.

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  • Bus Stegastein 2024-2025.pdf
  • Departure from Flåm Visitor Center: Bus Stop C
  • Arr/Dep Aurland to Stegastein: Bus Stop F (by church)
  • Arr/Dep Prest: Bus stop K
  • Dep. Aurland to Flåm: Bus Stop E (by NAV)

Dogs: Allowed

Children 0-3
Please include all Children 0-3 years in your booking as a seat must be reserved (free of charge) for them.

Cultural/ Historical
Norwegian Scenic Routes
Photo stop
From NOK 410,-

A view not to miss!

Drone image over Aurland. Stegastein Viewpoint seen in profile between spruce forest above the Aurlandsfjord. Steep, only mountain sides in the background.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

The architecture of Stegastein Viewpoint

Stegastein Viewpoint juts 30 metres from the mountainside, 650 metres above the fjord. It’s a striking example of how modern architectural design can be integrated with natural beauty of the landscape.

It was designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen and was completed in 2006, as part of a project with Norwegian Scenic Routes.

The Norwegian Scenic Routes are a selection of 18 roads that offer unique views of Norway's landscapes. One of which goes past Stegastein across Mt. Aurlandsfjellet, between Lærdal and Aurland. The Scenic Routes are enhanced with innovative architecture and art installations, such as viewpoints and rest areas that blend with the natural environment.

Front part of Stegastein Viewpoint with snow on it. View towards Aurlandsvangen, Aurlandsfjorden and snow-covered mountains. Blue sky.
Stegastein offers a formidable view year-round | ©Sverre Hjørnevik
Summer Mercedes mini bus parked outside the Flåm Visitor Center which transport people forth and back Stegastein Viewpoint
Summer Mercedes mini bus at the Stegastein Viewpoint bus stop. People in the back in front of The Flåm Railway in Flåm


  • Bus Stegastein 2024-2025.pdf
  • Departure from Flåm Visitor Center: Bus Stop C
  • Arr/Dep Aurland to Stegastein: Bus Stop F (by church)
  • Arr/Dep Prest: Bus stop K
  • Dep. Aurland to Flåm: Bus Stop E (by NAV)

Please note!

  • Timetable/bus route is the same for borth Stegastein Viewpoint and to Mt. Prest.
  • Stegastein Viewpoint: only round-trip tickets
  • Bus to Mt. Prest: only one-way tickets

Self-service lockers in Flåm

Outside our Visitor Center, you will find self-service lockers in different sizes.

Food & drinks on the buses:

• Not allowed to consume food on board.
• Bottled drinks are allowed.

Fun facts

In 2015, the toilet at Stegastein received the “Most Beautiful Toilet” award from Design Curial Magazine.


  • 650 metres above sea level
  • 3.3 metres wide
  • 31 metres long
  • Made from steel dressed in solid pine

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