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Future of The Fjord sailing in the calm and narrow UNESCO listed Naeroyfjord in summer. Tall mountains in background.
The Flam Railway in cold winter landscape by frozen lake at sunset
Future of The Fjord in UNESCO Nærøyfjord winter landscape
Woman seen from behind as she stands on the panorama deck of Future of The Fjords when sailing through Naeroyfjord in summer
Group of tourists on top deck of Future of The Fjords relaxing in the sun as sailing through the UNESCO listed Naeroyfjord
Panorama image of Naeroyfjord as the picturesque landscape is mirror in the wakes of Future of The Fjords sailing in distance
Huge pointed rock in the middle of raging Flam river in lush summer landscape with tall snow capped mountains in background
The Flam Railway trains passing each other in lush Flam valley with huge waterfall in the background and flowing river
Group of tourists in summer standing on the Flam Railway viewing platform overlooking the thundering Kjosfossen waterfall
Family of 4 on bicycles waiting when Flam Railway is passing the Navvy road in Flåm valley with green river flowing behind
National treasures in one package!

The Flåm Railway & Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord

This package combines The Flåm Railway exploring the lush and dramatic Flåm Valley on board 'one of the world's most beautiful train journeys' and Fjord Cruise Naeroyfjord, sailing through the eye-popping UNESCO world heritage area. This is two of our finest and most spectacular attractions in the heart of fjord Norway. We can promise you great experiences to store in the memory bank for the rest of your life!

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Picture taken from window on board The Flam Railway as it pass 2 cyclists on the old navvy road in Flam valley

On the most beautiful train journey

On the Flåm Railway, one of the steepest and most beautiful train journeys in the world, you will have travelled from zero to 867 metres above sea level through the spectacular Flåm Valley, within one hour. Starting from Flåm and ending in Myrdal, the journey takes you past mighty mountains, lush nature, and cascading waterfalls with steep drops. Waterfalls such as Kjosfossen, Kårdalsfossen, Rjoandefossen and Brekkefossen can all be spotted on the Flåm Railway. The train makes a short stop by Kjosfossen, where you can alight and witness the thundering waterfall up close.

During spring and autumn, you will even have the chance to travel through different seasons as you ascend the mountainous terrain. In spring, you will travel from the blooming wonders in Flåm, to the snow-covered landscape in Myrdal. In the autumn you can enjoy the mix of bright colours changing into various golden tones along the way. Maybe you will be lucky enough to witness the first snowfall in the mountains. 

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From NOK 1505,-

National treasures in the heart of Norway

Panorama image of Naeroyfjord as the picturesque landscape is mirror in the wakes of Future of The Fjords sailing in distance

Nærøyfjord — A stunningly beautiful UNESCO-listed fjord

Nærøyfjord is a sight to behold at any time of year. Whether you see it in its winter blanket of frost and snow, with its emerald-coloured glacier meltwater in spring or its green, flower-speckled hillsides in summer, or in its brightly coloured autumnal splendour.

Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. National Geographic magazine voted the fjord "The best unspoiled travel destination in the world" in 2004.

Beautiful, narrow Nærøyfjord is 17km long. The fjord is an arm of Aurlandsfjord. Nærøyfjord ends at the little village of Gudvangen, located at the very tip of the fjord arm. On the tour, you will experience both cascading waterfalls, idyllic villages and many more sights that will linger long in your memory.

People standing on deck on board Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord green sea and tall mountains summer day
Summer day Flam valley cyclist and hikers passing the Flam railway by the river