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The Flåm Railway passing through the fertile Flåmsdalen Valley next to the rushing river on a sunny day, white mountain peaks in the background
A young couple on bikes enjoying the view from the steep Myrdalen bends down the Flåmsdalen Valley
Pedestrians and cyclists travelling along the Flåmselv river on a warm summer day as the Flåm Railway passes by
2 happy people travelling side-by-side down the Flåmsdalen Valley on the Flåm Zipline
Bikes being loaded into cages at the Flåm Zipline on a rainy day
The wire for the Flåm Zipline, viewed from the top and down the really steep Flåmsdalen Valley
Rallarosa Stølsysteri in Flåmsdalen, people and goats having fun outside
2 cyclists cycling over a bridge in Flåmsdalen, seen from a bird’s eye view

Flåm Railway, Flåm Zipline and Cycling

Flåm has a wide variety of activities and experiences on offer. So many that it can be difficult to choose sometimes. That is why we have put together the perfect half-day program for you who want an action filled adventure in Flåm. The package is a proper kinder egg, combining the Flåm Railway, Flåm Zipline, and bicycling through the Flåm Valley.

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Photo taken from the Flåm Railway on the edge of a really steep mountainside, 2 cyclists cycling on Rallarveien 50 m further down

The perfect half-day excursion from Flåm

This popular tour package is perfect for a group of friends, couples, and families with older children who can cycle 18 kilometres on varied surfaces.

The adventure begins with one of the world’s steepest and most beautiful train journeys. The Flåm Railway takes you from Flåm to Vatnahalsen station, 820 meters above sea level. From the station, you follow the signs to Flåm Zipline where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Flåm Valley before you set off on the adrenaline-filled zipline-flight down to Kårdal. Did you know that Flåm Zipline is Scandinavia’s longest with a span of 1.381 metres?

On the ground at Kårdal, you bikes awaits. From here you cycle the last stretch of the Navvies' road, Rallarvegen, back to Flåm. During the approx. 18 kilometres down to Flåm, you get close to the nature and scenery in the lush valley. On return to Flåm you deliver the bikes at the designated place, and you are left with the memories of a wonderful day in beautiful nature!

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Period: From 27.04 to 12.10 2024

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  • Flåm Railway to Vatnahalsen 
  • Scandinavia’s longest zipline 
  • Bicycle hire, Kårdal - Flåm (Rallarvegen)

Note: It’s important to choose a Zipline departure that matches the arrival of the Flåm Railway at Vatnahalsen as Zipline tickets are valid for 1,5 hour

Duration: 3-4 hours


Bikes: Must be returned at Flåm quay by Pier 6, behind the red building next to eMobility by 21:00 at the latest.pdf

From NOK 1685,-
A goat looking surprised at Rallarosa Stølsysteri in Flåmsdalen

Flåm Railway - Facts

  • Length of the Flåm Railway 20.20 km
  • Difference in elevation 863.5 m
  • Highest station 865.5 metres above sea level
  • Lowest station 2.0 metres above sea level
  • Steepest slope 55‰ – 1:18
  • Section > 28% 16 km – -79.3%
  • Min. curve radius 130 m
  • Gauge 1435 mm
  • Voltage 15,000 V – 16 2/3 Hz
  • Max. speed, kph 40 kph
  • Journey time 60 minutes
  • Tunnels 20
  • Bridges 1
  • Water tunnels 4
  • Stops 8

Flåm Zipline - Practical info

  • Minimum weight 25 kg.
  • Maximum weight 140 kg.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol is not permitted.
  • Health: If you are pregnant, have problems with your back, neck, heart or lungs, epilepsy or other diseases that may lead to attacks, you should decide for yourself whether taking the zipline is a good idea.
  • In bad weather, the zipline may be closed for safety reasons.
  • Bikes and large luggage can be sent down in the lift at no additional cost.

Flåm Zipline - Facts

Scandinavia’s longest zipline: 1381 metres

Top speed: Around 100 kph

Height difference: 305 metres

Kårdal summer farm

The adrenaline will still be pumping when you ‘land’ at Kårdal summer farm at the end of the zipline. Use the time here to share the experience with others and lower your heart rate with some delicious cheese, snacks, a light meal and drinks while you take in your fantastic surroundings.

The goats at the farm come from Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule and Dalsbotten, a farm about 10 km further on in the valley.