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Undredal seen from the fjord in low summer sun giving a dreamy look. Reflections of town and mountains on the fjord.

The Undredal Experience

Undredal might just be the cutest fjord village in all of Norway. So cute, actually, that it was used as inspiration for Disney’s Arendelle in the Frost movies. In addition, it is internationally known for its locally produces goat cheese. Get the full Undredal experience on a 2-hour tour from Flåm, including cheese tasting and time to look around.

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View of the Undredal Valley with the clear river in front, a farm and tall, green mountains around.
The Undredal valley is a beautiful sight | ©Sverre Hjørnevik

Visit Undredal from Flåm

Join this 2-hour afternoon tour to Undredal and get a unique insight into the life in one of the smallest villages by the fjord. Even the 20 minutes’ drive there is part of the experience, as the minibus winds its way down the scenic valley.

Upon arrival to Undredal, you will be welcomed with cheese tasting and storytelling about life in the village. This will take approx. 30-35 minutes.

The rest of your time in Undredal can be spent as you wish. Whether you want to have a closer look at Norway’s smallest stave church, visit the local grocery store to buy some of the cheese you’ve tasted, or simply relax on the quay is completely up to you.

Just make sure to be back at the bus stop in time for departure back to Flåm.

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Best time to go


Available: 1 June - 31 August


Departure Flåm: 14:00
Arrival Undredal: 14:20
Cheese tasting and sightseeing
Departure Undredal: 15:40
Arrival Flåm: 16:00

Cultural/ Historical
From NOK 670,-
A cutting board large pieces of white goat cheese from Undredal.
The internationally renowned Undredal's cheese | ©Sverre Hjørnevik

Goat cheese from Undredal

The goat cheese from Undredal is renowned for its unique flavour and traditional production methods. This cheese, known as "Undredalsosten," is made from the milk of local goats that graze in the valley and the mountainous around the fjord. The cheese comes in two varieties: a brown, sweet, caramel-like version called "Brunost," and a white semi-hard cheese.

In earlier times, every farm in Undredal made their own cheese, but now there are only two left. Look out for the two mountain farms on the road to Undredal. This is where the magic happens! There are also good chances of spotting a goat or 50 on your trip here.

The Undredal Stølsysteri is the largest producer. And their white cheese comes in 4 different degrees of maturity from 2-3 months to over a year. The well-aged cheese (6-12 months) was awarded as the best cheese at Nordic Cheese Mongers in 2023. And the most matured cheese (more than 12 months) won gold in the World Cheese Awards in 2018.

Did you know that there are more goats than people living in Undredal?

Goats walk in a row on a muddy path by a fence. The lush Undredalen with high mountains in the background.
The goat is the symbol of Aurland Municipality | ©Sverre Hjørnevik

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