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Two adrenaline 'junkies' fly next to eachother down the Flam valley on the Flam Zipline

Flåm Zipline

Welcome to a truly raw experience! Flåm Zipline is Scandinavia’s longest zipline with a span of 1.381 metres. Even the location is spectacular, as it is only accessible by train to Vatnahalsen station and offers a breath-taking view of the Flåm Valley.

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Overview picture of the Flåm Zipline location at top of Flåm valley


Flåm Zipline is located at Vatnahalsen, 820 metres above sea level, where the famous Flåm railway meets the Bergen railway line. Getting here is part of the adventure and only possible by train. Arriving at Vatnahalsen train station, follow the signs to Flåm Zipline. Here you are met by a wonderful view down the lush and spectacular Flåm valley. Standing on the viewing platform, you will surely feel your heart beat a little faster!

Helmets and harnesses are handed out and the skilled crew will give you the necessary instructions before sending you off on the adrenaline filled flight towards the lower station at Kårdal. When in the air, you do not have to think about anything else than enjoying the marvellous surroundings and feel the rush.

Reaching the end of the zipline at Kårdal summer farm, a member of staff will help you get off and out of the harness. From here you can either walk or jump on a bicycle (must be rented in advance) and ride the 18 kilometres downhill to Flåm, or you can walk 2,5 kilometres to Blomheller station and catch the next train to Flåm or Myrdal.

Are you planning to cycle Rallarvegen (The Navvies Road) from Finse to Flåm? Combine it with the Flåm Zipline. Your bike will be sent down after you.

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Scandinavia's longest zipline: 1,381 metres

Maximum speed: Approx. 100 km/h

Height difference: 305 metres

Opening hours: 

  • 27.4-12.10 from 09:30-16:30. (low season)
  • 06.07-17.08 from 09:30-19:00 (high season)

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Bikes: Must be returned at Flåm quay by Pier 6, behind the red building next to eMobility by 21:00 at the latest.pdf

How to get there: The Flåm Railway to Vatnahalsen. Walk or cycle back to Flåm from Kårdal, the end of the zipline. It is also possible to walk to Blomheller station and take the next train back. 

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From NOK 800,-

Combine with Flåm Railway and bicycle

To make the experience even easier, you can book a package that combines everything you need for a perfect half day trip from Flåm. Start with the Flåm Railway from Flåm to Vatnahalsen and continue by zipline down to Kårdal, where you pick up your bicycle and cycle back to the fjord.

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Two women and a man eating pancakes at Rallarrosa Cheese Farm in Flåm. Goats grazing behind them.

Kårdal summer farm

Your adrenalin will still be pumping when you arrive at Kårdal, at the end of the zipline. We recommend spending some time at Kårdal summer farm to share your experience and unwind with some great cheeses, snacks, light meals and drinks, while taking in the stunning scenery. The goats that graze in the summer pastures here come from the Sogn School of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture and from Dalsbotten, a farm approx. 10 kilometres further down the valley. Kårdal summer farm is open from mid-June until mid-September.

A white goat standing in front of camera looking curiously
Man securing two bikes in Flåm Zipline steel cage

One-way train tickets and transport from Kårdal

  • *We recommend that you book train tickets before booking zipline tickets due to limited capacity during busy periods on the Flåm Railway
  • Use this link to book one-way tickets on the Flåm Railway
  • PARKING in the Flåm station area (Free Parking) opposite Fjordsafari quay, otherwise there is parking on the other side of Flåm station building, operated by Easy Park.

Practical info

  • Minimum weight 25 kg.
  • Maximum weight 140 kg.
  • It is not permitted to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Health: If you are pregnant or have back, neck, heart or lung problems, or you suffer from epilepsy or any other condition that could result in seizures, you should consider whether it is advisable to to use the zipline or not.
  • In the event of bad weather, the zipline may be closed for safety reasons.
  • Bikes and larger items of luggage can be conveyed by a separate zipline at no extra cost.

Getting there

  • Take the Flåm Railway to Vatnahalsen station. From the station, it takes only a couple of minutes to walk to the top of the zipline.
  • If you arrive at Myrdal on the Bergen Line, it takes approx. 15 minutes to walk down to the top of the zipline. Or you can take the Flåm Railway one stop to Vatnahalsen station.
  • If you are cycling or walking the popular Rallar Road, the zipline is situated close to the road. Bikes can be conveyed on a separate zipline at no extra cost.
  • In Kårdalen there are a limited number of bikes for rent. This means you can ride down to Flåm after the zipline adventure. Distance: Kårdalen - Flåm 18 km.

Ziplines are a longstanding tradition in the Flåm valley

The ziplines ('løypestreng') were primarily used to transport goods, timber, hay, milk barrels and even animals from mountain farms and rocky outcrops.

Some ziplines were motorized while others operated via gravity.

There are rumours that goatherds sent their bucks via ziplines when the autumn mating season was over as they were totally mischievous. Sometimes people also had to take the cableways.

…So, now it's your turn!

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