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Three hikers on a trail next to a lake in Aurlandsdalen in the summer.
Three people walking under a cliff next to a lake in the Aurland valley.
A woman and two men walking across a wooden bridge over a waterfall.
Three people standing inside a giant's kettle
A man and a woman walking next to a old wooden house with a tall wall.
Hikers standing on a rock by a cairn marvelling at the scenery in the Aurland Valley.

Bus to Aurlandsdalen

The bus to the Aurlandsdalen Valley is a flexible and practical transport offer to make use of if you want to hike the well-known, beautiful Aurlandsdalen. It operates on the route between Flåm, via Aurland, Vassbygdi, Stondalen and Østerbø. The schedule is adjusted to the average time that is needed to walk the valley, so you do not need to stress that you will miss your transportation back to your hotel.

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Timetable: Bus Aurlandsdalen Valley 2024.pdf

Dogs: Allowed

Children 0-3
Please include all Children 0-3 years in your booking as a seat must be reserved (free of charge) for them.

We advice to book your tickets in advance, especially regarding the way back from Vassbygdi.

From NOK 110,-
A woman walking while holding a plate in a restaurant, with people behind her.

Where to stay

Hotel Aurlandsfjord in the heart of Aurland offers a hiking package, which includes two nights in one of the recently renovated rooms of your choice, breakfast and 3-course dinner on both days, as well as a self-made lunch to take with you on the hike – and some refreshments after it. If you would prefer to stay in Flåm, there is also a hiking package available at the historical Fretheim Hotel.

Two people walking beneath an old house on tall foundations in the Aurland Valley

Plan your day

If you’re staying in Flåm or Aurland, it’s easy to hop on the bus after breakfast. The bus will take you all the way up to Østerbø, where you can start your walk down the valley. Once you reach Vassbygdi in the afternoon, you can catch the bus back to your accommodation. If you prefer to take your time and make the most of the nature, there is also an early evening bus service.

Three hikers walking on a path next to a lake in the Aurlandsdalen Valley

About the hike

The walk from Østerbø to Vassbygdi is around 20 kilometres and you should allow 6–8 hours for the journey. The trail is easy to find and is marked with red T signs. Even though most of the trail is downhill, the Aurlandsdalen hike is regarded as demanding as the trail is long and rocky – so you need to be experienced and in good physical shape. To relieve your knees from stress, we would advise you to use hiking poles. You can also hike in the opposite direction.

Three people standing by a cairn looking out over the Aurlandsdalen valley

Hiking season

The beginning of the season is at the end of May or beginning of June and can last until October. If you decide to hike in the early part of the season, you may encounter rockfalls and the remnants of landslides. The trail may also be challenging due to melting snow and a high water level. Always check the conditions before heading out on an adventure. Be prepared for changing conditions, as the weather can be unpredictable.


Timetable: Bus Aurlandsdalen Valley 2024.pdf


We advice to book your tickets in advance, especially regarding the way back from Vassbygdi.

Departure from Flåm

Bus Stop A/B (Flåm)

Food & drinks on buses

• Bottled drinks are allowed.
• Not allowed to consume food on board.

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