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A man walking uphill on a path to Prest in Aurland.
View from Mt. Prest towards Flåm and surrounding mountains. A boat sailing on the fjord.
A person standing by the path to Prest looking out on the Aurlandsfjord on a grey autumn day.
A mother with two children hiking in Aurland. Sunset above the mountain range.
A person walking uphill in the distance. View to the Aurlandsfjord and fog covering the mountains.
Transportation to hiking trail

Bus to Mt. Prest

Enjoy a relaxing day with one of the most popular and stunning hikes in Aurland thanks to the bus to Prest, which will take you all the way up to the starting point and bring you back at the end. You can take the bus either from Flåm or from Aurland.

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A person hiking on a mountain trail above the Aurlandsfjord in foggy autumn weather.

Plan your day

We recommend to stay at either Fretheim Hotel in Flåm or Hotel Aurlandsfjord in Aurland. Here you will start the day with a nice breakfast, before getting on the bus which drives from Flåm via Aurland and Stegastein to the hike's starting point. The walk up takes 1-2 hours and leave time for you to enjoy the stunning panorama of Aurlandsfjord. Back down at the starting point you wait for the bus to come back.

Tip! Both hotels offer Hiking packages that includes lunch packages and an aprés-hike of local beer and cured meat. 

A man in yellow jacket sits on a rock on mt. Prest looking  out on the Aurlandsfjord.

About the hike

Challenging in difficulty, the trail has some steep parts with sheer drops at time. Still, with elevation gain of approximately 500 metres, it is only 3 kilometres long so it can be a fantastic adventure for the whole family. The path will lead you up to a viewpoint at 1363 metres above sea level, where you can marvel at the breathtaking panorama of the Aurlandsfjord. The roundtrip should take you around 3 hours.

The season for hiking to Prest starts in May and lasts until October, however the situation depends on the snow conditions. In June be aware that there might still lay patches of snow on the way and if it is melting, the path might be wet and muddy. Anytime you hike, be mindful that the weather in the mountains can change very quickly, so be prepared for any conditions.


Timetable: Bus to Mt. Prest 2021

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