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Two girls and a boy looks at a display case showing a soldier and a gun.
Wall with text about war and a rudder at Narvik War Museum.
Two adults looking at an display of different allied uniforms from World War 2 in Narvik.
Exhibition at Narvik War Museum.
A family standing by a replica of a warship at Narvik War Museum.

Narvik War Museum

Narvik War Museum tells the stories of war. First and foremost, of Nazi-Germany's attack on Narvik and Norway in April 1940 and the following five years of occupation, but also universal questions about war and its consequences are raised. Using innovative design, photography, film, sound, and technology, Narvik War Museum has exhibitions that involves and interests all ages.

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Two girls standing and a boy sitting by a black wall with white text at Narvik War Museum.

The exhibitions at Narvik War Museum

Northern Norway has a powerful war history. The Battle of Narvik started on 9 April 1940, lasted 62 days and cost 8,500 lives. The Battles in Narvik and the surrounding areas involved heavy fighting in an Arctic environment, including one of the largest naval battles of World War II. This is where allied forces from Great Britain, France, Norway and Poland experienced their first victory over Nazi Germany.

The permanent exhibition at Narvik War Museum will take you through these first few months of the Nazi invasion of Norway, and you can follow the situation as it developed in Northern Norway during the subsequent five years. As part of your visit to the museum, you can also explore other temporary exhibitions associated with war in Norway and/or the world.

A visit to Narvik War Museum is a must for all history enthusiasts.

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Best time to go


Opening hours: 

Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 4 PM

Summer season from June 12th-20th August: 10 AM till 6 PM

Duration: Recommended time approximately 1,5 - 2 hours

Adress: Kongens Gate 39, Narvik 

From NOK 130,-

"To create peace, we must understand war" - Narvik War Museum

Two young girls looking and pointing at something at Narvik War Museum, with a tank displayed in the background

Family-friendly guided tour via an app

The goat Baahdy and the bird Birdy make the museum visit both exciting and educational for the younger generations. They guide children and families in their own languages via a travel app, which is available at many museums and attractions in Norway.

Narvik War Museum offers children an introduction to the Battle of Narvik in 1940. They will also learn about war and conflicts in the world today. The app is available for free on both AppStore and Google Play.

In addition to the audio guide, colouring books and pencils are available in the museum shop to entertain children.

Exhibition of soldier's uniforms from World War II. Two adult visitors.
Two boys and a girl looking at an innovative exhibition at Narvik War Museum.

Visit the museum:

Narvik War Museum is located in Narvik centre. 


  • Kongens Gate 39, 8514 Narvik

Opening hours: 

Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 4 PM

Summer season from June 12th-20th August: 10 AM till 6 PM

The museum is open daily, except on selected holidays.


  • Parking in Parkhallen: Drive off from Kongens gate/E6 to Sleggesvingen and turn right after 20 m. 
  • Public parking nearby. 

Practical information:

Food & drink: 

  • Our café "Punktum" is located on the ground floor and offer good coffee and light dishes.

Museum shop: 

  • The museum shop is located next to the entrance. Here you will find souvenirs, interesting books, and more. 


  • The museum is available to most. Some large wheel chairs may experience difficulties when entering "Labyrinten". In case, please contact the staff. 


Useeum app: 

  • Audio guide on several different languages
  • Download for free from AppStore and GooglePlay
  • The audio stories are dramatization and retelling of real people's experiences as they have been described
  • Two different guides, one where you get to know the stories of some people who experienced war, and one facing the rules of war and conflict

Personal guiding: 

  • Is available upon request. Please contact post@narviksenteret.no for price
  • Must be booked at least 1 day prior to arrival

Baahdy & Birdy:

  • Fun and educational guide app for children
  • Download for free from AppStore and GooglePlay

The Narvik War and Peace Centre

The Narvik War and Peace Centre foundation work to educate aboute the knowledge about and understanding of peace, the international humanitarian law, and human rights through research, documentation and dissemination with focus on the Second World War in the north of Norway. 

The foundation has been running the museum since 2014, and receives support from the Norwegian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defence, and the Municipality of Narvik. 

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