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Viking Valley

Explore the Viking village Njardarheimr in Gudvangen! You will experience the authentic life the Vikings used to live when they were not busy at sea.
It is our ambition to create a high-quality Viking village – Frode Tufte/CEO

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An authentic Viking village with "real" Vikings!

During the Viking Age, Gudvangen was an important place for trading. Gudvangen, by Nærøyfjord, is known as "the place of the gods. Nærøyfjord is dedicated to Njord, the god of trading and sailing.

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Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, all days.

Daily shuttle bus between Flåm & Gudvangen Timetable:

"The Vikings" remains in Gudvangen and are available for charter or group bookings. Please contact Visitor Center in Flåm info@norwaysbest.com

Cultural/ Historical
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From NOK 235,-

"Njardarheimr" – dedicated to the Northern god Njord


In the Viking village of Njardarheimr, you will experience an authentic village that shows how the Vikings lived 1,000 years ago, when Gudvangen got its name. These are not actors in costumes, but "real" Vikings of all ages, who adopt the Viking Age as a lifestyle. They know their history and have unique knowledge about the Viking life, which they would love to share with you!

The food in the camp is prepared from traditional recipes with ingredients that were available in the Viking Age. Items for sale are handmade and genuine. 


The Viking village is a place for memorable experiences, learning and fun activities. A place where you can interact with people who re-enact the past, all in accordance with historical elements. 

Guided tour

Join in the Viking Experience, a guided tour of the village. You can also participate in axe throwing or archery, chat with the Vikings and try out some handicraft. An authentic Viking lunch is served in the food house. 

Welcome to the Viking Age!


Daily shuttle bus between Flåm & Gudvangen


Special needs

  • The entire village is wheelchair friendly.
  • All shows and most activities are wheelchair accessible.
  • Note! The smaller houses are of an historical design and have high thresholds. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for anyone with mobility disabilities. 
  • Carers will receive free access when providing a companion certificate.  
  • Toilets designated for wheelchair users are situated close to the entrance.

Inside Njardarheimr

  • The village comprises more than 1,500 m² of buildings.
  • More than 500 m³ of timber was used in the construction of the town.
  • The carvings are all based on Viking Age finds, but with a unique design.
  • The houses were built with based on experience from previous Viking reconstructions, but adapted to GUAS’s needs and local materials.
  • The ironwork from lock hinges is all handmade by a blacksmith who has extensive experience of the craft.  
  • All paint used for decorating the town is authentically made. An example is ox blood.
  • The construction of the village only utilises materials that would have been found throughout the fjord. Examples are the peat and shingle that was used in the construction of stave churches.

Food court

The food court will bustle with activity and food and drink will be available, prepared in accordance with traditional Viking cuisine 
Some dishes will vary from day to day in the way they are made, for example, pit cooking, spit roast, smoking food, or something that has just been dried, salt cured or fermented.

A standard item on the menu is a Viking soup with bread, coarse sausage and cabbage salad. Freshly baked pan bread with salmon or cured sausage with wild-garlic sour cream. There is also fish and meat from the grill with era-appropriate side dishes.

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