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A woman and two kids on mt. Prest overlooking the Aurlandsfjord, Flåm and the mountains at sunset
People walking past old houses towards a waterfall at Sinjarheim in Aurlandsdalen
A group of children and adults walking towards the camera in the mountains near the Myrkdalen chairlift
Two women lying on a mountain cliff looking down at a crowd on the Pulpit Rock and the fjord below
A man in a bright green jacket sitting on a rock on Bakkanosi facing the Nærøyfjord landscape
Three men walking along a trail in a green, undulating valley
A man and a woman walking up a trail above Geirangerfjord in the summer
Two women wearing bright coloured hiking clothes walking near a large waterfall
A man wearing warm clothes hiking up a mountain above the Aurlandsfjord. Autumn colours on the ground and misty weather
Three people crossing a bridge on the old royal post road by the Nærøyfjord on a summer’s day


Norway is truly a gem for everyone who loves hiking. No matter where you are, there are opportunities for hiking and the effort is rewarded with views of wild and beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of trails to choose from, and you will find one that suits you - whether you are looking for a summit hike or an easy family walk.

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