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Kest - Tasting Room at Hotel Aurlandsfjord

From the fjords, mountains and valleys we welcome you to our new food concept in Aurland. Our brilliant kitchen, led by chef Mantas Vaidelis, represents you with a local, seasonal and ever-changing 8-course menu.

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8 courses tasting menu

A one-of-a-kind food concept in the region! From the depths of Sognefjord and rich valleys to mighty mountains and serene rivers, Kest at Hotel Aurlandsfjord brings a seasonal bounty of the best ingredients cooked with love and care for every detail.

Three to four nights a week we serve an 8-course tasting menu based on products sourced as locally as possible. With each course, you will be given the story behind the ingredients from either the chef or one of our waiters.

The menu changes several times throughout the season, making sure to you get to taste what is in season at the moment.

Cider and local cheese tasting

The fjord region is famous for producing high-quality cider and award-winning cheeses.

Every afternoon at 17:00 you can join a cider, cheese and meat tasting at Kest.

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A social dining experience

The best experiences are the ones we share. At the tasting table at Kest you will be presented with the opportunity to share your dinner experience with others who are inspired by food, creating a great space for conversations, discussions and friendships.

Your culinary journey through the West Norwegian fjords, farms and mountains will be accompanied by a chef and a sommelier who will also take a host role. At the tasting table there's a thought behind every detail, there's a story to every ingredient and none of those ideas and stories will be left untold. Our collaborative team works hard to create links between humans, nature and culture, and strives to communicate it through the tasting menu concept.

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