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People with plates in their hands standing around a buffet featuring a wide range of food and colourful decorations at Fretheim Hotel.
A plate with potato and cucumber salads and salmon. Bowl of ice cream. Water glass and cutlery.
Two women eating at a table by a window in the Fretheim Hotel restaurant.
Hands holding a large round cheese on a wooden cutting board.
A plate filled with ice, seaweed and an open sea urchin.
A chef and waiter arrange the final details on a buffet at Fretheim Hotel. Lamps with cutlery details above.
A chef and three hotel guests standing by a bar with mulled wine and cured meats. Two other people checking in at the reception in the background.
Smiling guests making a toast  at a table in Fretheim Hotel's restaurant Arven
A ceramic plate on a cutting board, filled with baked cauliflower decorated with pink flowers
Six guests at a table in restaurant Arven. A waiter serves them wine. Seen from above with a chandelier in the foreground.

Food & Beverages

Good food and drink are a vital part of any travel experience. At Fretheim Hotel we want our guests to enjoy a full gourmet experience. Locally produced ingredients in season are key and we work closely with local producers to ensure the quality of our food. This also partially applies to the drink’s menu. However, in order to complement the food menu properly, the wine list has more of an international character. Welcome to a taste of the fjords!