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How to explore the colourful Flåm Valley

The scenery in the Flåm valley, located between Flåm and Myrdal, has a magnificent mix of colours, lush nature, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and cultural history. Below are some tips on how you can explore the valley and make the adventure your own.

A couple looking out the open window inside Flåmsbana as passing river with huge rock in the middle

On the most beautiful train journey

On the Flåm Railway, one of the steepest and most beautiful train journeys in the world, you will have travelled from zero to 867 metres above sea level through the spectacular Flåm Valley, within one hour. Starting from Flåm and ending in Myrdal, the journey takes you past mighty mountains, lush nature, and cascading waterfalls with steep drops. Waterfalls such as Kjosfossen, Kårdalsfossen, Rjoandefossen and Brekkefossen can all be spotted on the Flåm Railway. The train makes a short stop by Kjosfossen, where you can alight and witness the thundering waterfall up close.

During spring and autumn, you will even have the chance to travel through different seasons as you ascend the mountainous terrain. In spring, you will travel from the blooming wonders in Flåm, to the snow-covered landscape in Myrdal. In the autumn you can enjoy the mix of bright colours changing into various golden tones along the way. Maybe you will be lucky enough to witness the first snowfall in the mountains. 

Two people biking down the navvy road in Flam valley passing river on gravel road

On a bike

Renting a bike and experiencing the valley from the saddle is a great way to get close to the nature of Flåm and the valley. The best solution for most people is to take the Flåm Railway up to Myrdal and cycle back down to Flåm, as cycling from Flåm up to Myrdal involves some steep and challenging roads and tracks. However, it is still enjoyable to cycle from Flåm to the old centre of Flåm, past Flåm church, and follow the road next to the river as far as you want. From Flåm to Berekvam, halfway up to Myrdal, there is a paved road. Further on the road is unpaved. 

You have the option of renting a bike in both Flåm and Myrdal. Note: the cycling season from Myrdal usually lasts from around June to October. The route requires some experience with cycling in terrain. 

Autumn at top of Flam valley. Deep valleys and high mountains in foggy backdrop

Walking in the valley

Exploring the valley on foot is another great option. For the ultimate experience of the valley, start your journey with the Flåm Railway to Vatnahalsen or Myrdal and walk back down again.

Make sure you stop and enjoy the marvellous views, the many waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers along the way. Perhaps even taste the fresh water or cool your feet in it! At the Rallarrosa Dairy Farm in Kårdal, you can take a longer break and enjoy some goat cheese produced at the farm – or take a selfie with the cute goats. 

Hairpin roads and waterfalls in summer down Myrdalsberget in Flåm Valley from above

Cultural heritage and spectacular nature

The road down the Flåm Valley has a varied cultural history. The road from Myrdal to Flåm through the Flåm Valley covers the last 20 kilometres of Norway's most spectacular cycle route, the Rallar Road. The Rallar Road is the old navvies’ road from when the Bergen Railway was built in the late 19th century.

A high point of the trip is Myrdalsberget, where the route snakes its way down through 21 hairpin bends. After this section, you will soon spot the Rallarrosa Dairy Farm at Kårdal. This is a traditional mountain farm that sells homemade goat's cheese – a perfect place to take a breather and sample a local speciality.

Most of the farms in the Flåm Valley were active long before the railway and roads arrived and are still in use all year round. Halfway down the valley, you will see the deep Berekvam gorge. Then you will continue your trip by the Flåm river before reaching the old centre of Flåm and Flåm church, dating back to 1667.

Person 'flying' down Flam Zipline, hairpins of navvy road and waterfalls in background

Scandinavia's longest zipline

Combine the Flåm Railway and hiking or cycling the Flåm valley with the breathtaking Flåm Zipline. With a span of 1,381 metres, which makes it the longest zipline in Scandinavia.  

The zipline starts at Vatnahalsen (820 masl) and ends at Rallarrosa cheese farm in Kårdalen. From here you can either rent a bike and cycle back to Flåm, hike down the valley or walk to Blomheller station and get on the next train.   

Old road sign in wood on top of Flam Valley showing different direction

Terrain and time use

The trip from Myrdal to Flåm is 20 kilometres. If you are an inexperienced cyclist or are not used to cycling on an unpaved track, walking is probably your best option.

Take your time, wear suitable clothing and shoes, bring some food and drink and enjoy the wonderful valley! Cyclists should allow 1–4 hours, depending on their level of experience. On foot, you should set aside around five hours.