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Flåm Railway Museum

Flåm Railway Museum

Visit the Flåm Railway Museum and discover the exciting stories behind the construction of the Flåm Railway, Europe’s second steepest railway. Listen to the audiovisual guided tour, which tells you about the hardworking people who built this masterpiece of a railway. As well as the many technical challenges during construction.

Free entrance to The Flåm Railway Museum

The Flåm Railway Museum has no entrance fee. The museum offers a guided tour, in 9 different languages, with an audio guide from Voice of Norway. After downloading the app on your mobile, you can experience the tour with an audio guide in the museum.

With a pleasant narration, you will hear about the construction of the Flåm Railway and the history of Flåm. At your own pace, on your own mobile, you will get to know the authentic exhibition at the museum.

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Practical information

The museum is located next to Flåm Station

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Free entrance

A journey back in Norwegian history

The year is 1924 and construction of the Flåm Railway had finally begun. The work of building the 20-kilometre-long railway from Flåm to Myrdal was not easy: 20 tunnels, totalling 5,692 metres were to be constructed – 18 of these by hand! Constructing the railway took more than fifteen years and it took nearly seventy years from planning to completing the work. In 1940, the railway was ready to operate traffic.

Authentic exhibition

Get to know the exciting stories behind building the Flåm Railway, the world's steepest railway. The museum gives you insights into the hardworking people who built this masterpiece, as well as the many technical and legal challenges of building

The impressive engineering includes exciting stories about hard-working people and technical challenges, as well as the rural culture in Flåm and nearby areas. You can visualise the history through an extensive collection of pictures, videos and artifacts. Amongst the items exhibited are an authentic El 9 locomotive, an old electric shunting engine and rail-inspection trolleys.


Free entrance!

The yellow Flåm Railway Museum and store on a sunny winterday with snow on the ground and mountains.

Unique Flåm Railway souvenirs

When visiting the museum, make sure to stop by the souvenir shop at the entrance. Here you will find unique Flåm Railway items perfect for any train enthusiast as well as children of all ages, such as Lego-style building blocks.