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Two hikers standing between boulders in Aurlandsdalen valley, looking up at the steep mountainsides.
©Chris Baldry
A woman with two children standing on a mountain looking towards Flåm, Aurlandsfjord and sunset over the mountains
©Sverre Hjørnevik
The exterior of Hotel Aurlandsfjord and houses on the hill behind seen through branches with green leafes.
©Sverre Hjørnevik
Four people sitting on a mountain ridge looking out over the Aurlandsfjord.
©Sverre Hjørnevik
Two people hiking on a path next to an old wooden cabin and the river in Aurlandsdalen valley in summer.
©Chris Baldry
Women drinking cider and laughing by a table outside Hotel Aurlandsfjord
©Sverre Hjørnevik
Two people walking down a walkway on a boat sailing by steep mountains on the Nærøyfjord.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

The perfect three-day hiking getaway in Aurland

Aurland is a pearl by the fjord. Free of hustle, bustle and congestion. In one direction you have the pretty Aurlandsfjord, steep and mighty mountains in the other. In the middle you find charming Hotel Aurlandsfjord. The eclectic style both invites to serenity and provides energy, a perfect mix for a hiker’s holiday. If you book a hiking package, transportation to and from the Aurlandsdalen Valley is included.

Two people standing by the railing on a boat on the Nærøyfjord. Sun setting past the mountains.
©Jon Hunnålvatn Tøn

Three days of hiking and relaxation in Aurland

Aurlandsvangen is the centre of Aurland municipality, with a population just over 800 people. When you check into Hotel Aurlandsfjord, you can look forward to days filled with trips in the mountains, tranquillity by the fjord, tasty food, and hints of culture and history for those interested.

If you are into great adventures in the mountains, you have come to the right place. In Aurland you will find tracks suiting most preferences. The wild Aurlandsdalen Valley is probably the best known, at least among Norwegians, but there are plenty of other hikes to choose from.

It is also worth to go for a walk around the town centre and get to know the village’s interesting history. Here you find Vangen Church, a beautiful, whitewashed church made of stone from 1202. Norway’s last remaining shoe factory is also located here, idyllically located at the edge of the fjord. The factory still produces the original penny loafer The Aurland Shoe, that shoemaker Nils Tveranger gathered inspiration for in the USA early in the 20th century. The factory is today a part of Économusée Norway and offer guided tours where you can see the shoemakers at work. Off course they also have an outlet with shoes and handbags for sale, in case you want to invest in quality leather products.

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Suggested itinerary:

Day 1:

  • Arrival to Aurland
  • Check in to Hotel Aurlandsfjord
  • Afternoon hike to Mt. Prest

Day 2: 

  • Full day hike through the dramatic Aurlandsdalen Valley
  • Dinner at Hotel Aurlandsfjord

Day 3: 

  • Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord
  • Walk on the Royal Postal Road
  • Departure from Aurland

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Hotel Aurlandsfjord's conservatory retaurant. Modern ceiling lamps, tables and windows towards the terrace.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

New Hotel Aurlandsfjord

Hotel Aurlandsfjord is the latest addition to accommodations in the municipality. The hotel has 30 rooms in various sizes, all newly renovated. You will feel the pleasant atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. The interior’s delicate colours and materials provides a good setting to gather energy for new activities and experiences. Upon arrival to a new destination, it is good to get an overview. After checking in, it is time to move up towards mt. Aurlandsfjellet by car.

Four people and a dog walking along a path on a mountain. The Aurlandsfjord and mountains seen in the distance.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

Day 1: Hike to Mt. Prest

Upon arrival to a new destination, it is good to get an overview. After checking in at Hotel Aurlandsfjord, you should head up towards mt. Aurlandsfjellet by car. Shortly after passing the viewpoint Stegastein you will see the parking for mt. Prest on your left-hand side. From here you walk on a clear, marked foot path. You will soon understand why this hike is perfect to get an overview.

Hiking to Prest you have panoramic views of the Aurlandsfjord and the beautiful world heritage listed landscape more or less the entire way. The best view is from the cairn at Røyrgrind, located a few hundred metres from the top and impossible to miss. You should calculate 2-3 hours return hike. Returning to the hotel, a quiet evening and a delicious dinner await.

A man and a woman hiking in the Aurlandsdalen valley in summer
©Chris Baldry

Day 2: Explore Aurlandsdalen Valley

After a good breakfast, it is time for a full day hike in the mountains. Get on the hiking bus from Aurlandsvangen to Østerbø, which is starting point for the mighty Aurlandsdalen Valley. You walk through approx. 20 km of wild and beautiful nature down to Vassbygdi. Along the way, you can choose to do a detour via Bjørnstigen, which provides a formidable view of the valley. A view like this also means it is steep. In other words, do not walk here when raining or you have issues with your knees.

There are also shorter detours you can take, for example the giant’s kettle Vetlahelvete (“Little hell”). Just follow the signs. The path takes you passt several old farmsteads, and we recommend taking a break at Sinjarheim. Imagine what it was like to live here a 100 years ago! It is not without reason that they built their houses on tall foundations and underneath large rocks. The mountains are steep and both landslides and avalanches are familiar.

When you reach Vassbygdi, take the Hiking bus or a taxi back to Aurlandsvangen.

Women smiling an lauging while drinking cider around a table on Hotel Aurlandsfjord's terrace in the sun.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

Food and drink

If the weather allows it, Hotel Aurlandsfjord’s terrace is a perfect place to wind down after a day of adventures. Lean back with something refreshing to drink and let your legs rest while you share memories and photos.

After a much-needed shower, gather around a nice meal in the restaurant’s conservatory. The menu is inspired by Norwegian and international cuisine with natural tastes made of local ingredients. Head over to the bar for a game of shuffleboard after dinner.

A sightseeing catamaran making waves on the fjord between mountains.
©Sverre Hjørnevik

Day 3: Explore the fjord

Following a weekend with stunning views from mountains tops and valley, the last day is all about the fjords. Board the modern and electrical vessel Legacy of The Fjords in Aurland and join a fjord cruise through the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord.

Go ashore on the small settlement Styvi in the Nærøyfjord. It is time for more walking, but this time mostly flat along the shore of the UNESCO listed fjord. The old Royal Postal Road is an approx. 5 km long path to Bleiklindi, where you get to study the cultural landscape up close. Either do a return trip, or book a package including the fjord cruise and pick-by a Fjord Safari rib boat.

Had enough of walking? Just enjoy the scenery floating by from the fjord cruise all the way to Gudvangen instead.

Two people hiking in the Aurlandsdalen valley.
©Chris Baldry

Hiking package

Book Hiking package at Hotel Aurlandsfjord and get all of this included:

  • 2 nights incl. breakfast
  • 3-course dinner both days
  • Lunch package on day 2
  • After hike incl. 1 drink and cured meats
A group of three people walking on a field near the Nærøyfjord. Tall mountains and a waterfall behind them.