Hopp til innhold
A blond woman singing into a microphone and a man with long hair playing guitar on a stage.
An audience sitting on chairs and on the lawn in front of Fretheim Hotel
People helping themselves from a seafood buffet at Fretheim Hotel
A chef talking to guests at a bar. Guests holding cups of tea and plates of cured meat.
Two women standing by their bikes looking at a small farm near a steep mountainside on the Rallarvegen.
A man reading from a book into a microphone and another singing and playing guitar on a stage at Fretheim Hotel.
A chef in a black apron marinating lobster with a brush.
A band singing and playing on a boat on the Nærøyfjord.
A woman in a green velour dress and high heels in front of a boat. Raising a glass towards the Nærøyfjord.
Four ladies in hiking gear smiling at the camera outside Fretheim Hotel.

Arrangement og Pakker

Fretheim Hotel tilbyr et rikt og variert program over aktiviteter og arrangementer hele året. Med fokus på på underholdning, kulinariske opplevelser og spektakulære naturomgivelser, vil du finne noe for enhver smak.