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Hiking in Norway Aurland Valley

Hiking package Aurland

The area surrounding Flåm and Aurland offer plenty of wonderful hiking options. Whether you want to challenge yourself on steep trails with fjord views, hike through lush and spectacular valleys, or simply want an easy stroll along the fjord, you can find it here. Book the hiking accommodation package and you can focus on your hiking adventures, while we will assure you will feel rested, full and happy.

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Photo of the exterior of Fretheim Hotel in autumn.

What to expect when booking the hiking package

Fretheim Hotel offers the perfect back drop to a wonderful hiking holiday. This package includes two nights in a comfortable room including breakfast, self-packed lunch from the breakfast buffet, and dinner in Restaurant Arven both nights.

When you return from your hike, you can kick back with the included après hike refreshments. We will have plates of locally produced cured meats and the drinks of your choice ready.

Transportation to and from the hiking routes is not included, but the train and bus station is within a couple of minutes’ walk from the hotel.

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2 nights at Fretheim Hotel

  • Notice! Price applies to 1 person per night
  • Standard room with breakfast
  • Packed lunch
  • Refreshments at the end of your trip
  • Dinner
Cultural/ Historical
From NOK 2395,-
A man helping a woman to cross a stream on a hike below a waterfall in Flåm.

Landscape and fauna

When hiking in Aurland municipality you will be surrounded by a dramatic and rugged fjord landscape, thundering waterfalls and scenic views wherever you go. The fauna is rich in eagles and seals and there are sometimes killer whales in the fjord. The landscape's geology varies from lush valleys to inaccessible rock faces and glaciers. The UNESCO-listed Naeroyfjord and Aurlandfjord run straight through the area, and some of the hikes listed below have fantastic fjord views.

Photo of three people standing on a rock looking out over the Aurlandsdalen valley

The most popular hiking routes

With all the hiking options available, it can almost be difficult to choose. However, there are some routes that are more popular than others and also easier to get. The first is the wild and beautiful Aurlandsdalen valley from Østerbø to Vassbygdi. It is a full day hike, easily accessible by the bus from Flåm and Aurland to Aurlandsdalen.  

The second is the steep but rather short path to Mt. Prest. Here you are rewarded by the panoramic views to the Aurlandsfjord almost the entire walk. Catch the bus to Mt. Prest to get here.  

Third is the Flåm Valley. Maybe best known for the Flåm Railway and cycling, but no less beautiful on foot. It is a full day hike partly on gravel, partly on paved road. Start with the famous Flåm Railway and begin walking at either Vatnahalsen or Myrdal stations.  

Are you looking for something gentler, but equally spectacular? Book the Historical hike in Nærøyfjord. This included transportation from Flåm to the Nærøyfjord by RIB, an approx. 5 kilometre long walk on the historic Royal Post Route, and an electrical fjord cruise back to Flåm.  

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Tips for hiking in Aurland 

This map contains our hiking tips for this region that will suit both the mountain climber, the exercise enthusiast and the bon vivant. Click on the numbers in the map to learn more.

  1. Aurland Valley 1,644 metres above sea level, 7 hrs, 16.6 km Grading: Demanding
  2. Prest 1,478 metres above sea level, 3–4 hrs, 2 km/return, Grading: Demanding
  3. Flam Valley 866–8 metres above sea level, (Flåm–Myrdal) 4–5 hrs, 20 km, Grading: Medium +
  4. The Rallar Road 1,337 metres above sea level, (Haugastøl–Flåm 10 hrs), (from Finse 5–6 hrs) Total 79 km, Bicycle, Grading: Medium +
  5. Rimstigen 686 metres above sea level, 2 hrs, 2.6 km/return, Grading: Demanding
  6. Turlifossen 600 metres above sea level, 1–2 hrs, 2,5 km, Grading: Medium +
  7. Hovdungo 600 metres above sea level, 2 hrs, approx 6.9 km from E16, Grading: Medium +
  8. Volda/Bell 200 metres above sea level, 1.5–2 hrs, 4.12 km starting from Aurland town centre, Grading: Medium
  9. Vatnahalsen/Reinunga Mountain/Lake 800 metres above sea level, 2–4 hrs/return, Grading: Medium

Hotel Aurlandsfjord

Alternatively, you can stay at ‘Boutique style’ Hotel Aurlandsfjord in the city centre of the calm Aurland municipality, close to cafes, gastro pub, grocery store, cosy old-school movie theatre, church, the famous Aurland shoe economusee, local traditional glassblowing and a lagoon great for picnics and for a chilly dip, summer and winter.

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Hiking Maps

Enjoy short hikes in and around Flåm. You can download maps or pick them up at Flåm Visitor Center:

For more detailed information on the specific route maps, please ask in Tourist Information at Flåm Visitor Center.

Safety first

  • Always wear shoes or boots that offer good support and that are suitable for mountainous terrain
  • Always bring extra warm windproof and waterproof clothing
  • Always bring extra food and drink
  • Always check the weather forecast in the area
  • Always tell someone which route you're taking
  • Always follow marked paths as the terrain outside the paths can be dangerous

Good to know

  • Are you planning to come in spring or early summer, check that the route you plan to walk is open and free of snow. Applies to f.ex. Aurlandsdalen.
  • Mobile coverage in the mountains and valleys in the area is unstable and sometimes there is no signal at all.
  • If you encounter bad weather such as fog etc., return to the starting point following the hiking trail.
  • Open flames are not permitted due to the high risk of fire
  • Littering in nature is prohibited
  • Walking poles offer great support, especially when going downhill
  • Pack lightly and have fun!