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The Flåm Railway, Hike & Bike Package

Combine the iconic Flåm Railway with a scenic walk down the 21-hairpin bends of Myrdalsberget and an idyllic bike ride through the Flåm Valley.

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Explore the Flåm Valley by train, hiking and bicycle

The Flåm Valley is a true gem with an ever-changing scenery through the 20-kilometre-long valley. The sparkling turquoise river winds its way towards the fjord; there are majestic and rugged mountains on all sides; several beautiful waterfalls; and here and there you find goat farms and small hamlets in places you wouldn’t believe people could live. In spring and summer, it’s lush and every shade of green you can imagine. In autumn, you have a spectacle of colours in yellow, orange and red.

The most popular way to see the Flåm Valley is by train from Flåm, but if you have time, we recommend you explore it even closer. And that is where this package comes in. It includes a ride with the Flåm Railway from Flåm to Myrdal or Vatnahalsen, a 3,5-kilometre walking tour down to Kårdal, and at last a fun bike ride the last 17 kilometres back to Flåm. Read more about each section of the trip below.

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What's included?

  • One-way train tickets
  • Bicycle rental*
  • Helmets

*Bicycles for children 6-15 years are available in different sizes.

What to bring: 

  • Outdoor clothes and shoes
  • Food and water for the day
  • Camera
  • A sense of adventure

Please note! This trip is not suitable for young children. There are no chariots or children's seats available. 

From NOK 885,-

The Flåm Railway from Flåm to Vatnahalsen/Myrdal

The Flåm Railway is one of Norway’s most popular bucket-list attractions, and what better than combining it with other fun activities? The train climbs from Flåm by the Aurlandsfjord up to Myrdal Station at 867masl, making it one of Europe's steepest standard-gauge railways.

The journey from Flåm takes approx. 1 hour and includes a 5-minute photo stop at the mighty Kjosfossen Waterfall. When booking this package, you can decide to disembark at the last stop, Myrdal, or the second-to-last, Vatnahalsen.

From either station, it’s easy to find the gravel road you are hiking. Just look for the signs to Flåm.

Walking down Myrdalsberget

Whether you get off the train at Myrdal or Vatnahalsen, it’s easy to find the gravel road you are continuing on by foot. Just follow the signs to Flåm.

The 3,5-kilometre-long path is easy to walk and mostly downhill with a flat section at the end. Take your time to enjoy the views of the valley and the waterfall next to the 21 hairpin bends you are zigzagging down.

Cycle back to Flåm

The walking section ends at Kårdal mountain farm, where you find your bikes and helmets for the last leg of the day. Kårdal is also a great place for a lunch break, so make sure to buy some snacks or a packed lunch before you leave Flåm in the morning.

From here, you cycle the 17 kilometres back to Flåm. The road is easy to ride and except for two small hills, it’s either flat or downhill. At first, you will continue on a gravel road, but the second half is paved.

With such a bike-friendly terrain, it may be tempting to just let go of the brakes but please keep in mind that the road is narrow, and there may be oncoming traffic around the sharp turns. So, cycle at a safe pace and enjoy the stunning scenery!

Back in Flåm, deliver the bikes and helmets at the assigned place behind eMobility’s office.


The Flåm Railway: Flåm - Vatnahalsen/Myrdal

Hike: 3,5 kilometres Vatnahalsen/Myrdal - Kårdal

Bike: 17 kilometres Kårdal - Flåm