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Future of The Fjords sail through the narrow and lush Naeroyfjord in Aurland on the west coast of Norway a calm summer day
3 people in hiking the old post route by the shoreline in Naeroyfjord passing lush green fields woods and steep mountains
A happy mid 30's couple on bikes climbing up the gravel road in Dyrdal between old buildings and violet flowering trees
Future of The Fjords is seen in distance as sailing on cloudy and calm on the famous UNESCO Naeroyfjord in autumn
Boat houses at the shoreline by the UNESCO listed Aurlandsfjord in summer. Lush mountain sides with snow-capped mountains
People enjoying the view from top deck Future of The Fjords on a bright sunny day sailing through the spectacular Naeroyfjord
Two happy girls enjoying their lollypops on board classic vessel sailing through Naeroyfjord
3 girlfriends on board Future of The Fjords in winter taking happy selfie as they sail through the Aurland fjord
The following arr./dep. are cancelled from Friday 10 May until further notice, due to technical problems. Aurland 09:50 - 13:30 - 15:20 - 19:00 Undredal 10:05 - 13:15 - 15:35 - 18:45

Nærøyfjord round trip - bus and boat from Flåm

Join a fjord cruise and experience one of the most beautiful and popular fjord areas in Norway, the UNESCO World Heritage area in the Nærøyfjord. The round trip by boat and bus has multiple departures every day. 

Book now! From NOK 760,-

Future of The Fjords capture as its coming through the narrow and dramatic Naeroyfjord in calm sea in summer


The narrow and spectacular Nærøyfjord is surrounded by steep mountains with snow- covered peaks that soar up to 1,800 metres above sea level. Waterfalls cascade down the mountains and picturesque villages dot the landscape. This is an area that is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered one of the most beautiful fjord landscapes in the world. 

Lower your shoulders and enjoy the view and we will take care of the transport

A happy mid 30's couple on bikes climbing up the gravel road in Dyrdal between old buildings and violet flowering trees

Booking information

When booking this round trip you choose if you want to start by bus or boat ONLY from Flåm. No matter what you choose you will end up back in Flåm.

Make sure when selecting your return from Gudvangen with either boat or bus, that the departure time is after your arrival time in the previous step.

Real Viking woman standing in the entrance of the Viking Valley in Gudvangen on the west coast of Norway



Fun facts

  • Viking graves on "Holmo" outside the Bakka strait
  • In the Viking Age, the population was more than 600 people. Today it is less than 100.
  • “Gudvangen” – Place of the Gods
  • Powerful avalanches have the capacity to blow away windows and doors on Bakka

On board

To optimise your fjord experience,
– download the Voice of Norway app. Available on Nærøyfjord

Food & beverages

  • The  onboard café serves hot and cold drinks
  • Variety of pastries and sandwiches