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Woman in centre of image facing forward overlooking the green sea and lush steep mountains onboard Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord
Woman with blond hair onboard Fjord Cruise Geirangerfjord watching huge cascading waterfalls going straight into the fjord
Young happy couple taking selfie onboard fjord cruise Hjorundfjord. Tall spiky wild mountains in background sunny day
People on top sun deck of classic car ferry fjord cruise Sognefjord enjoying spectacular scenery sailing through Naeroyfjord
Panorama of Fjaerlandsfjord on a summers day with cotton clouds and lush mountains diving into the green fjord
Open calm fjord landscape in blooming summer Hardanger Norway

7 fjords you must visit in Norway!

The stunning blue-green fjords of Norway are surrounded by majestic mountains, wild nature, cascading waterfalls, snow-clad peaks and ancient glaciers. We have picked out seven fjords that will guarantee you an unforgettable holiday.

Norway has over 1,700 fjords. Every single one of them has its own distinctive character. But, if you only have time to visit some of them, which fjords are unmissable, and what does each fjord have to offer? Here, we present some real treats for you: 7 Norwegian fjords offering adventures and experiences you will never forget.

1. Nærøyfjord — A stunningly beautiful UNESCO-listed fjord

Nærøyfjord is a sight to behold at any time of year. Whether you see it in its winter blanket of frost and snow, with its emerald-coloured glacier meltwater in spring or its green, flower-speckled hillsides in summer, or in its brightly coloured autumnal splendour.

Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. National Geographic magazine voted the fjord "The best unspoiled travel destination in the world" in 2004. When CNN chose its 50 most awe-inspiring natural wonders in 2017, it wrote: “If you only have time to visit two fjords in your lifetime, make it the Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord in southwest Norway”

The two fjords shared tenth place in competition with other famous natural wonders worldwide. Other amazing places on the list included Preikestolen at Lysefjord, Stromboli volcano, the Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

Beautiful, narrow Nærøyfjord is 17km long. The fjord is an arm of Aurlandsfjord. Nærøyfjord ends at the little village of Gudvangen, located at the very tip of the fjord arm. On the tour, you will experience both cascading waterfalls, idyllic villages and many more sights that will linger long in your memory.

Fjord cruises depart twice daily in winter and five daily departures in summer from Flåm and Gudvangen. You can book tickets here. From Flåm, you can also go on a guided fjord safari by RIB-boat and get close to Norwegian nature and culture along Nærøyfjord. One of the world's most spectacular train journeys runs from Flåm to Myrdal. Read more about the Flåm Railway and book your tickets here.

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3. Geirangerfjord — Norway at its most beautiful

Like Nærøyfjord, you will also find Geirangerfjord on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Few places have featured in as many photographs as this 15km-long fjord. Geirangerfjord is actually one of Norway's most famous and popular destinations, both for Norwegians and for visitors from abroad.

If you take a cruise on Geirangerfjord, you can get close to waterfalls and imposing mountains from the comfort of your boat. On the trip, you will get to experience the Knivsflåfoss waterfalls, better known in English as the ‘Seven Sisters’. The name of the waterfalls originates from the water cascading down the mountainside, which is reminiscent of the hair of seven women.

On the other side of the fjord, you will find the waterfall known as Friaren. The name of this waterfall comes from a legend about a suitor who repeatedly proposed to the Seven Sisters, but was rejected every time.

Amongst the many fascinating features of Geirangerfjord are the small farms that cling to the steep hillsides. The farms may be abandoned now, but you can still see them today if you go on a fjord cruise. You can even walk to one of the farms, Skageflå, from the centre of Geiranger.

You will find more information about fjord cruises from Geiranger and booking here.

4. Hjørundfjord — fjords and Norwegian alps

The majestic Sunnmøre Alps are cleaved in two by Hjørundfjord. This fjord cuts deep into the mountain massif with its many jagged peaks.

Hjørundfjord is 33 kilometres long and surrounded by unspoiled nature and small villages on both sides. Some places are only connected to the outside world by boat.

In this wild and untamed landscape, hikers and skiers have found their mecca.

You can put together your perfect holiday based around Hjørundfjord as your destination. The alps offer hiking, climbing and skiing for the active.

Or you can take it easy in Øye and savour the atmosphere, romanticism and excellent food and drink at the historic Hotel Union Øye. You can also combine nature with culture and architecture in the art nouveau town of Ålesund. There really is something for everyone here. It is most definitely the trip of a lifetime.

TIP! You can easily take in Hjørundfjord and Geirangerfjord in a single trip. Read more here.

5. Sognefjord — King of the Norwegian fjords

Norway's longest fjord extends all the way to Jotunheimen National Park, which boasts no fewer than 24 of Norway's 25 highest peaks.

Mighty Sognefjord has a jumble of fjord arms spreading outwards into beautiful landscapes packed with wild nature and rich cultural heritage. You are never far away from unforgettable hikes, exciting glacier walks, activities to set your pulse racing, fishing trips or other exciting activities and unique experiences for the whole family.

Sognefjord is no less than 204 kilometres long. At its deepest, the fjord extends 1300 metres down to the seabed, which also makes it Norway’s deepest fjord. Majestic mountains towering over 1,700 metres surround the beautiful blue water of Sognefjord.

Fjord arms such as Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, all radiate out from Sognefjord.

6. Rombaken - Arctic landscape and war history in Narvik

More information will come soon, in the meantime read more about the fjord cruise on Rombaken fjord from Narvik here. 

3 ladies sitting outside in rosegarden Hardanger drinking cider and smiling

7. Romantic Hardangerfjord

Vision of The Fjords - Hardangerfjord

Travel the mighty Hardangerfjord from a exciting new angle on board Vision of The Fjords. The vessel Vision of the Fjords represent a brand-new standard in design and technology. It has been designed to maximise the tourist experience during any kind of weather, with large windows and walkways inspired by the winding trails of steep mountain terrain. Passengers are encouraged to go out on the top deck and enjoy a very different experience compared to traditional passenger vessels. Inside you will find Nordic inspired interior design offering a high level of comfort.

'Cider from Hardanger'

'Cider from Hardanger' is a protected geographical designation in line with Calvados or Champagne. In Hardanger there is 19 different cider producers with their own unique cider based on their apples and local history. Hardanger has a lot to offer the traveller also seeking authentic cultural and historical experiences with 'Agatunet' being one of the oldest cluster farms in Europe, dating back to 1220. The farms in Hardanger has been central producing fruit for generations.