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A person in blue jacket skiing in fresh powder on a sunny day .
Two packs of huskies pulling sleds up a hill from Myrkdalen Hotel.
An elderly couple in red and black jackets and helmets standing on the slopes in Myrkdalen smiling at the camera.
Two women and one man sitting around a lounge table in Fretheim Hotel eating cured meats and talking.
A woman looking out of a window from inside the Flåm Railway. Snowy and mountainous landscape outside.
A boat sailing on the Aurlandsfjord. Dim light and snow-covered mountains.
The Flåm Railway going through snowy and mountainous landscape on a nice winter day.

Ski & fjord: winter holiday to Myrkdalen and Flåm

Discover the heart of Fjord Norway’s stunning winter landscape on a holiday to Myrkdalen and Flåm. With 2 nights at Myrkdalen Hotel and 2 nights at Fretheim Hotel in Flåm you get the best of two worlds: mountain and fjord. Whether you are interested in relaxing days with a mix of snow activities and sightseeing, or you are a prone skier looking for powder and epic turns this is the package for you.
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A group of people sitting by a table outside cheering with juice glasses over plates of food. Blue sky, snow on the ground.

Two nights in Myrkdalen, two nights in Flåm

Your winter break starts in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort, a family-friendly ski destination approx. 2 hours' drive from Bergen. Myrkdalen is a family-friendly ski resort with 9 lifts, more than 20 slopes, children’s and beginners' area, great off-piste opportunities, and several terrain parks. The varied selection of restaurants and bars in an around Myrkdalen Hotel will keep you fed and hydrated.

After a couple of days in Myrkdalen, it is time to continue the journey to Flåm - less than an hour drive away, but with a completely different vibe. Where Myrkdalen is vibrant with lots of laughter, adrenaline and after ski, Flåm in winter is all about tranquillity. This time of year, you can explore the UNESCO World Heritage listed fjord landscape without the crowds you find in summer. Historical Fretheim Hotel is the perfect place to kick back. It’s excellent restaurant Arven serves delicious meals made of local produce – traditional with a modern twist.

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Accommodation package including:


  • From NOK 5.560,- for 2 people sharing a double room
  • From NOK 4.760,- per person in single room

Available with arrival in Myrkdalen Sun-Wed in the following periods: 

  • 1 - 23 Dec 2022
  • 1 Jan - 9 Feb 2023
  • 5 Mar - 30 April 2023
Currently unavailable
A man in blue jacket, blant pants, and white helmet carving skiing on a ski slope in Myrkdalen. Bright blue sky behind him.

Skiing in Myrkdalen

Not only is Myrkdalen Mountain Resort one of the largest ski destinations in Western Norway, it is also the most snow sure. The resort is open from Nov/Dec to the beginning of May, sometimes even until mid-May. You will find slopes for all levels of expertise, great off-piste skiing terrain, and extensive opportunities for cross-country and back-country skiing. If you do not want to bring your own equipment, drop by Myrkdalen Ski Rental. Want to improve your skills? Book lectures with Myrkdalen Ski School.

A boat sailing on a fjord, surrounded by snowy mountains in a blue winter light.

Sightseeing in Flåm

Flåm is home to some of the region’s most popular attractions, and a perk of visiting in winter is that you will have them almost to yourself. Go on a journey with the Flåm Railway to explore the scenic Flåm Valley on the 20-kilometre-long stretch from fjord level to Myrdal station 867 metres above sea level.

Join a fjord cruise through the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord and be mesmerized by the tranquillity. The electrical vessel makes no other sound than breaking the ice on crisp, cold mornings and the snow-covered mountain sides are as scenic as ever. Another option is to join FjordSafari on a guided RIB-adventure on the fjords.

Admire the views from Stegastein Viewpoint – 650 metres above the Aurlandsfjord. On clear days you will experience the blue winter light that is special to the fjord area, while on misty and cloudy days, the fjord looks like it is filled with mystique.

A pack of huskies pulling a sled on snow. Two other dogsleds in front.

Snow activities without skis

Myrkdalen is not all about skiing. Throughout the winter season there is a number of various activities you can join without skis. For example, the ski school organises a fun-filled snow racer trip down the slopes every afternoon.

There are several dining options both inside Myrkdalen Hotel and in the resort to keep you happy whether you prefer stone-baked pizza, try a warming, traditional meal, or gather around a fondue dinner.

Two people wearing orange pants ski touring above Myrkdalen Valley. Sun shining through clouds.

Spectacular off-piste & backcountry skiing

Are you more interested in powder and spectacular ski touring than carving on fresh groomed slopes and sightseeing by the fjord? This package is also for you! Click the link below to see how you can combine great off-piste skiing in Myrkdalen with ski touring at Vatnahalsen.

An epic off-piste skiing holiday