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The Flåm Valley and two trains meeting – seen from a train window. Green slopes, blue sky and a waterfall.
A ticket inspector in uniform and hat smiling while checking a group’s tickets on the Flåmsbana
The Flåm Valley covered in snow and a train running next to the river.
The Rallarvegen and the Flåm river seen from a Flåmsbana window on a sunny summer’s day.
A man and a woman smiling at each other in front of the roaring Kjosfossen waterfall.
Flåm Railway running through the old Flåm village centre close to steep mountains. Seen through green leaves.

About The Flam Railway

Experience the Flåm Railway – the stunning train journey from the high mountain station of Myrdal down to the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord at Flåm station.

The Flåm train next to the turqoise river. Snow-caped mountains behind and green forest around.

The world's most beautiful train journey

The Flåm Railway is considered one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world and is one of Norway’s major tourist attractions. Every year, this amazing railway line attracts visitors from around the world and in 2014 Lonely Planet named it the world's most beautiful train journey.

Today the journey through the steep and narrow Flåm valley, with views of mighty waterfalls, picturesque mountain farms and tall peaks, takes about 60 minutes and connects with most day trains on the Bergen Railway between Bergen and Oslo.

The railway is open every day all year. The scenery changes throughout the year but is no less spectacular whatever time you come. You will see rivers carving their way through deep gorges, waterfalls leaping off steep mountainsides with snow-covered peaks, as well as mountain farms clinging tenaciously to steep slopes. Departing at Flåm station the beautiful Aurlandsfjord is only a few metres away.

Scroll down for a minute by minute video from the driver's cabin. 

Two asian ladies standing inside the Flåm Railway smiling at the view of snow and colourful houses at Myrdal

Engineering skills

The Flåm Railway was built between 1923 and 1940 in order to assure a transport route to the fjord from Bergen and Oslo. As one of the world’s steepest railway lines on normal track with a height difference of 864 metres and an average gradient of 1 in 18, it is proof of the most daring and skilful engineering exploits in Norwegian history. The 20 km long railway line has 20 tunnels in total, most of them excavated by hand. There is even a horseshoe-shaped tunnel that spirals in and out of the mountain.

It was opened 1st August 1940, with two steam trains in each direction that connected with the day trains on the Bergen Railway Line. Electrification was completed in 1944 making it one of the first railway lines in Norway to be electrified.

Three cyclists on a gravel road next to the green Flåmsbana.

Combine your trip with other activities

A trip on the Flåm Railway is for everyone. You can take a return trip, use it as a part of your journey to or from Flåm, or you can combine it with other activities such as hiking, cycling or ziplining.

The old construction road, Rallarvegen (the Navvies’ Road), was built in order to transport materials up to the mountains when the Bergen Line was built around 1900. Today it is a popular cycling route and you can choose to cycle the full length of the road from Haugastøl or a 2-day trip, start at Finse for a scenic full-day tour to the fjord, or just cycle the last leg between Myrdal and Flåm.

Flåm Zipline opened in 2018 and is Scandinavia’s longest zipline. The railway is the only way to get to the starting point at Vatnahalsen and we recommend combining a trip on the railway with cycling back along the Navvies’ Road to Flåm for a half day action-filled adventure.

If you want to explore the valley properly, you can walk from Myrdal or Vatnahalsen to Flåm. The approx. 17-km long road is partially gravel, partially paved and is mostly downhill. If you would prefer a mountain hike, there are numerous options starting from Myrdal, Vatnahalsen or Reinunga stations.

We also recommend you to drop by the Flåm Railway Museum in Flåm, where you will learns about the train’s interesting history. Make sure to stop by the museum shop on your way out. Free entrance.

Not able to travel right now? Ride along from the train driver's perspective, minute by minute from Myrdal to Flåm on the world famous Flåm railway in summer 2020. Enjoy the ride! 

Join travel reporter Ian Wright on a 9 minutes journey to Flåm and the Flåm Railway: