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A woman looking through a round window while sitting on a bed
Undredal, viewed from the Aurlandsfjord on a fine summer day
The top level at the Fretheim Hotel’s Tower Suite, with champagne on ice
The living room in the large suite at the Myrkdalen Hotel, viewed from the mezzanine
A modern room at the Hotel Aurlandsfjord, with a double bed and chair
Five vintage sports cars parked outside the Storehouse in Flåm

8 unique places to stay

Accommodation that’s a little out of the ordinary adds an extra dimension to any holiday. Whether you’re off on a romantic mini break or travelling with the family, you’ll find something to choose from among these eight unique places to stay in the area around Flåm and Myrkdalen. For a varied holiday, we recommend that you combine a couple of them.

A woman sitting on a bed next to a window at Tråfjosen in Myrkdalen

1. Tråfjosen in Myrkdalen

In Myrkdalen, you have the opportunity to spend the night in something as unique as an old hay barn. In the old days, most farms in the district had cabins in the outlying land near the farm. These little cabins were used for milking cows just after they’d been put out to graze in summer before moving them on to the farms further up in the mountain.

This Tråfjos – barn – was left unused for 40 years, but now you can spend the night here. Inside, you can still see what’s left of the old stores for the cows, divided up with huge stone slabs. At the south end is a sleeping module that’s ideal for 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. The window that extends out of the room provides fantastic views of Myrkdalen valley.

This is a place for tranquility, surrounded by beautiful nature.

The upper level of Fretheim Hotel’s Tower Suite, with champagne and strawberries on the table and made bed behind

2. Historical Tower Suite at Fretheim Hotel

If you’d like a romantic setting for your holiday, you should check out Fretheim Hotel’s historic Tower Suite. This hotel dates all the way back to the mid-19th century, when it was still a farm run by farmer Christen Fretheim. It was around that time that the first tourists began coming here, mainly English lords seeking to fish for salmon. Christen saw an opportunity to earn some money, and began renting out rooms in his house.

The “English villa” was built in 1879, and this Swiss-style villa is what the current historical part of the hotel is based on. In the Tower Suite, you’ll be staying at the top of the historical wing and can really experience what life was like for the lords in the late 19th century. The suite goes over two levels, with vintage style furniture mixed with a few modern facilities like a jacuzzi. And not to forget, the beautiful view over Flåm towards the Aurlandsfjord!

Tip: Book a Romantic Package to have the champagne on ice when you check in. 

Undredal viewed from the fjord, with the steep mountains behind

3. Ørnareiret

Imagine what it’d be like to wake up 1050 metres directly above the Aurlandsfjord! It is possible, but you’ll have to walk up there yourself.
Ørnareiret is a shelter sleeping 6 in the mountain directly above Undredal, and it’ll make you feel like you’re sleeping under the open skies. Your trip starts in Undredal and at first you follow the signs towards Stigen, then just above the Hovdungo farm the path divides and you take the one towards Ørnareiret. This is a steep, demanding hike, so you should have a some hiking experience in steep terrain before you leave.

The shelter has cooking facilities and mattresses to lie on. You have to bring along your own sleeping bags and food. Book your space in advance.

This is also a great day trip for fit families who want to look out across the fjord.

Bikes and cyclists taking a break outside the Vatnahalsen Hotel

4. Vatnahalsen Hotel

Vatnahalsen was originally built as a sanatorium in 1896, a place where people could rest in the fresh Norwegian mountain air. But it was never used for that purpose. Instead, it was turned into a popular hotel on account of its close proximity to the Bergen Railway, which opened in 1909. Here, guests from all over Europe could experience a true Norwegian mountain home in both summer and winter. Vatnahalsen became a popular winter destination, particularly after the Flåm Railway opened in 1940.

This is a true mountain hotel that can only be reached by train. At Vatnahalsen, you have Rallarvegen - The navvies road - and almost infinite options for hiking right on your doorstep, a homely atmosphere and delicious food. Take the Bergen Railway to Myrdal and walk 1.5 km down to the hotel, or take the Flåm Railway one stop. If you’re coming from Flåm, take the Flåm Railway straight there.

The Myrkdalen Hotel’s grand suite, viewed from the mezzanine

5. Grand Suite at the Myrkdalen Hotel

The biggest suite at the Myrkdalen Hotel is everything you might imagine when you hear the word “suite”. Two elegant baths, two spacious bedrooms, a living room with a sofa group and dining table, a mezzanine with more beds and a west-facing balcony facing the ski trails and village. The fantastic ceiling height and beautiful lamps are the icing on the cake.

Myrkdalen offers lots of different activities, with something for everyone. How about a fly fishing course or guided hike with fjord view that includes a boat trip, electric bikes and fjord views?

This is the perfect choice if you want something a bit special on your romantic holiday, or if you’d like to recreate the sense of living in an apartment with your family or friends while also having hotel facilities available.

The restaurant in the winter garden at the Hotel Aurlandsfjord, with modern chandeliers at the front

6. The newly renovated Hotel Aurlandsfjord

Hotel Aurlandsfjord opened its doors on 19 June following a full renovation over the winter. This is a boutique-style hotel in Aurland town centre offering a total of 30 rooms, 13 of which underwent renovation in 2020 – the rest will be finished by summer 2021. There are views over the Aurlandsfjord and/or the mountains from its rooms.

At the new restaurant, with its winter garden and terrace, you can take part in local history and enjoy the clean flavours based on local and seasonal ingredients.

The Hotel Aurlandsfjord is quite simply a true fjord gem. If you buy the Aurland Fjord Gems package, you’ll get to experience the best the village has to offer. 

Stigen gård over Aurlandsfjord, with dense forest and two waterfalls nearby

7. Stigen gård

Stigen is a little farm 360 metres above sea level, directly above the Aurlandsfjord. Although the area looks fairly uninhabitable when you see it from the fjord, there were good conditions for farming here. Farming took place here from well before the Black Death, and as many as up to 20 people lived here at most. In the old days, both animals and people had to use a ladder to get up to the mountain ledge – hence the name of the farm, which means “ ladder”. There’s a nice path up now, although it’s a bit steep.

Farming ended here in the 1960s, and now some of the buildings have been turned into overnight accommodation sleeping about 14. This is a fairly popular place to stay the night, even though you have to take a boat and then walk up the path to get here – carrying your own bed linen and towels. Handy tip – book early!

Tip if you have a kayak: paddle from Undredal and walk up to Stigen, then on to Beitlanipa behind it. 

Vintage cars parked outside the old Storehouse in Flåm

8. The Storehouse, dating back to from 1928

In Flåm, you have the option of staying at a restored storehouse dating back to 1928. It’s situated directly next to Fretheim Hotel, and you can enjoy breakfast at the hotel if you prefer. This place has a rustic atmosphere, an open living room and a kitchen with modern facilities and original timber walls. It sleeps 6 in 1 double room and 5 single rooms. The bathroom is shared, but all rooms come with handbasins.

The Storehouse is ideal for families and groups of friends who want to be able to make their own food and have a lovely place to get together in the evening. Contact the Fretheim Hotel to book.