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Cyclists on Rallarvegen next to Flåmsbana. Trees and lush hills around.

Our top tips: Activities in Flåm based on your interests

We actually mean it when we say that Flåm has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are on a romantic getaway; travelling with adventurous teenagers; on a quest to explore spectacular trails; or simply want to relax to the views of a fjord, you will find it here. Continue reading to see our top picks for you!

Drone photo of Sinjarheim mountain farm clinging onto a steep hill in Aurlandsdalen. Three people walking in front of the buildings.

For the hiker:

Mt. Prest or Aurlandsdalen Valley

Flåm is great starting point for spectacular hiking adventures. Take the steep trails for the best fjord views or spend a day walking through fairy-tale valleys. Mt. Prest is a good example for the first alternative, while the Aurlandsdalen Valley is known as Norway’s Grand Canyon and perfect example of a full-day hike. The easiest way to get to and from the starting points are by bus.

People paddling in a tandem kayak on the Aurlandsfjord wearing yellow lifewests.

For you who loves water:

Go kayaking or rent a SUP

If you love water, you will also love Flåm! Join a 3-hour guided kayaking tour or rent a paddleboard and explore the Aurlandsfjord and Flåm directly from the beach.

Two women standing by their bicycles in the Flåm Valley looking towards Kårdal farm and waterfall.

For the bicyclist:

Explore Flåm on 2 wheels

With a bicycle you get around Flåm fast and easy. Rent one in Flåm centre and choose to cycle along the fjord to the picturesque, old farmstead Otternes or go up the valley to Flåm Church. Both electrical and regular bicycles are available.

Two women and a child wearing life suits and goggles sitting in a RIB on the Nærøyfjord.

For the adventurous family:

Fjord adventure by RIB, foot, and boat

Take the whole family out on a fjord adventure you will remember! Start off by Fjordsafari RIB excursion from Flåm to the Nærøyfjord in the morning, continue walking the approx. 5-kilometre-long historical Royal Postal route along the Nærøyfjord to Styvi farm and jump on the electrical fjord cruise back to Flåm in the early afternoon. Transportation and the spectacular scenery are included but remember to bring a packed lunch and something to drink.

Two trains meeting on the Flåm Railway on a nice summer day.

For the railway enthusiast:

The historical Flåm Railway 

To be honest, a journey with The Flåm Railway should be on everyone’s bucket list. But it is particularly interesting for you who love trains and railways. Not only does it go through a stunning landscape, but it also shows incredible feats on engineering. It took almost 20 years to build; 18 out of 20 tunnels are carved out by hand; and 80% of the journey runs on a gradient of 5,5%.

A woman in harness and helmet ready to take of on a zipline down to the Flåm valley below.

For the adrenaline junkie:

Try Scandinavia’s longest zipline

Another epic half-day excursion from Flåm is the one that includes the Flåm Railway, an adrenaline filled ride with Flåm Zipline, and bicycling back to Flåm. Ideal for adventurous adults and families with teenagers. Flåm Zipline is Scandinavia’s longest with a span of 1.381 metres and max. speed can reach 100 km/h!

An exhibition of an old locomotive and other railway equipment at Flåmsbanamuseet.

For the historian:

Visit Flåm Railway Museum

Learn all the stories behind the Flåm Railway, from they started building it until today, at the Flåm Railway Museum. It is located right next to the train station in Flåm and you can easily spend an hour looking through the exhibitions. The best? Entry is free of charge.

A woman eating from a plate of colourful food at restaurant Arven in Flåm.

For the foodie:

Taste local delicacies in Restaurant Arven

Is food an important aspect of your holiday? Make sure to book a table at Fretheim Hotel’s Restaurant Arven and try their 4-course set menu. The highly skilled kitchen will prepare a meal filled with locally sourced produce, and your waiter will give you their best recommendations for drinks.

A young woman standing in front of a boat in the Nærøfjord. Blue sky and green water.

For the comfort-lover:

Enjoy a relaxing fjord cruise

Would you like to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Fjord in style, there is no better way than on a fjord cruise between Flåm and Gudvangen. The fully electrical vessel Future of The Fjords glides silently through the dramatic landscape. Enjoy the scenery through the panoramic windows from one of the lounges inside or head outside to feel the breeze on deck.

Two women taking a selfie next to a small el-car with the Aurlandsfjord and mountains in the background

For the sustainable explorer:

Self-drive sightseeing with eMobility

Hire a small, yet powerful electrical car to explore the area for 2 hours. eMobility are 2-seaters Renault Twizy and you can choose between two customized tours. The first alternative lets you go to Stegastein Viewpoint for a eagle's eye view of the Aurlandsfjord, while the second lets you explore Aurland centre and Vassbygdi valley. Remember to bring a valid driver’s license.

A woman in a blue biking sitting on a bench inside Fjord Sauna in Flåm.

For you who want the little extra:

A mix of hot and cold at Fjord Sauna

The perfect way to start or end a day of adventures in Flåm? The combination of a steaming hot sauna and refreshing baths in the fjord! You find Fjord Sauna idyllically located along the quay in Flåm and you are allowed to bring 2 units of alcohol (not liquor or red wine) on board.


A red, motorized sightseeing train on a narrow road under blue sky in Flåm.

For you with limited time:

Sightseeing with Rallartoget

You have probably seen them in other destinations around the globe. The small red, sightseeing trains on wheels. In Flåm, Rallartoget, takes you on a 45-minute tour along the fjord and a bit up the valley. Combined with the audio guiding, the tour gives you a taste of Flåm with its beautiful nature and interesting history.