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Snowy landscape in the Flåm valley and a train next to a river.
Two people in winter outfit walking on snow on Stegastein Viewpoint surrounded by winter landscape. Photo.
A sightseeing catamaran in front of snow capped mountains.
A skier in Myrkdalen going downhill in deep powder
Four people sitting on a bench by a fire pan in front of Fretheim Hotel in the dark. Photo.
A row of red, old buildings. Snow on fields and mountains in front. Photo.
Christmas light tree in front of an illuminated Flåm and fjord and mountains.

8 pictures to inspire your winter holiday to Flåm

Find 8 pictures that surely will inspire you to visit Flåm in winter. We guarantee you will get a winter holiday filles with great impressions of the beautiful nature; peaceful atmosphere; and interesting history. For more excitement, combine Flåm with a day or two in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. Welcome to the fjords in winter!

Two people walking on Stegastein viewpoint. Dim light, snowy landscape and the fjord below.

1. Hunt for winter lights at Stegastein

There is something special about the winter light by the fjord. When the sun barely rises above the tall mountains it gives a distinctive dim which again give a significant calmness to the spectacular landscape. One of the best places to experience this atmosphere is from the viewpoint Stegastein. 650 metres straight above the Aurland centre you have panoramic views of the Aurlandsfjord and the mountains in the UNESCO World Heritage listed area. You get here by you own car, by a sightseeing tour from Flåm, or snowshoeing with Fjord Safari’s skilled guides.

A train in the Flåm valley. Snowy landscape and blue sky.

2. Extreme engineering in the Flåm Valley

Riding the Flåm Railway in winter, send a thought to the people who built it in the first half of the 20th century. The train journey is beautiful all year, but winter takes it to another level. The closer you get to Myrdal, the upper station 867 metres above sea level, the more snow and ice you will see. How was it to work in these rough conditions on freezing and windy winter days?

A silver light tree in front, Flåm with Christmas lights, fjord and snow capped mountains behind.

3. Christmas spirit by the fjord

Short days are not a problem when the Christmas lights are turned on. In Flåm, the Christmas lights are turned on from 1st November and from the cultural path behind Fretheim Hotel you can enjoy the sight of the illuminated town next to the calm fjord and the snow caped mountains. You cannot avoid the Christmas spirits when walking around town, which is decorated by Christmas trees and installations.

A passenger catamaran on a fjord in front of steep snowy mountains. Blue sky. Photo.

4. Experience the silence on the Nærøyfjord

To experience the ultimate tranquility we recommend going on a fjord cruise between Flåm and Gudvangen. The full-electrical passenger boat, Legacy of The Fjords, sails silently between the steep mountain sides and the only sound you can hear is the ice breaking on cold days. The ship is designed to give the passengers the best view possible, and here you can choose to

A skier with red jacket cruising in deep powder snow in Myrkdalen Mountain Resort

5. A day in snow paradise: Myrkdalen

Only a 45-minutes' drive from Flåm you find the largest ski resort in Western Norway, Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. This valley in Voss municipality has a special microclimate that causes more snow to fall here than in any other place in the region, hence it is the perfect destination for those searching snow adventures. Here are slopes for all levels, a dedicated children and beginner area and several park areas. For cross-country lovers, you can also find a total of 30 kilometres tracks in vicinity of the resort. The Fjords & Mountain Bus between Flåm and Myrkdalen is available upon request.

Two people in Viking clothes fights with swords and shields in Viking Valley Gudvangen in winter. Photo.

6. Winter Viking life

Have you ever wondered how the Vikings lived in winter? Drop by the Viking Valley in Gudvangen and ask a Viking yourself. In the authentic Viking village Njardarhemr people live as Vikings year-round and as a guest you can walk around, peak into the houses, and chat with the people you meet. A guided tour by one of the skilled story tellers is included in the entry ticket. You can also try archery and axe throwing.

Two women and two men sitting by a bonfire in the dark outside Fretheim Hotel. Photo.

7. Bonfire outside Fretheim Hotel

Do as the Norwegians do and gather around the bonfire in in the garden outside Fretheim Hotel’s Lobby bar in the afternoon. With a hot drink in hand, this is the perfect place to relax and share your thoughts after an eventful day. If the weather does not allow a bonfire, sit down in the Lobby bar instead. When you get hungry, just move upstairs to Restaurant Arven on the second floor where you are assured a good meal based on local ingredients.

Three red, old wood houses on a cold winter day. Snow on the ground, mountains in the distance. Photo.

8. Winterscapes at Otternes Farmstead

Get close to both fjord and history on a walk from to the old cluster farm Otternes. The walkway follows the Aurlandsfjord from Flåm to the idyllic farm, and you should keep your eyes open for wildlife on the fjord. If you are lucky, you can see both seals and porpoises peak up from the water. At Otternes, imagine how it was living here 100-200 years ago while walking around the historical buildings.