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View from Stegastein lookout to a Aurlandsfjord covered in fog and autumn coloured mountain sides.
Autumn coloured forest and a wooden sign showing directions to Vatnahalsen and Flåm.
Future of The Fjords sailing on the fjord on a cloudy autumn day.
Three vikings standing in front of the viking village in Gudvangen in autumn with light snow on the ground.
Blue, beige and green aurlands shoes on shelves.

10 reasons to visit Flåm in autumn

This is a lovely time of year, both by the fjord and in the mountains. The landscape is coloured in red, orange, and yellow; fog and clouds create a magical atmosphere; and everything is a bit calmer than in summer. We give you 10 good reasons to why you should visit Flåm in Autumn. You will find activities suitable for everyone, whether you are travelling with the family, are interested in outdoor activities, or more of the cultural type.

A wooden sign showing directions from the Rallarvegen surrounded by autumn colours.

1. Cycle the Navvies Road - Rallarvegen

Autumn is main season for the popular cycle tour on the Navvies road, Rallarvegen, from mountain to fjord. By mid-August most of the snow on the old construction road has melted and the temperature is perfect for being active outdoors. Get of the train at Finse and spend the day cycling back to Flåm. As autumn evolves, the colours of the landscape changes and we recommend making time for photo breaks. Do not forget to bring extra layers of clothes, even gloves and a hat could be wise. Weather can change fast in the mountains, and the temperature changes the closer to the fjord you get. Back in Flåm, opt for an après-bike with cured ham and local brew at Fretheim Hotel.

A conductor checking tickets on board the Flåm Railway

2. From fjord to mountain by the Flåm Railway

The iconic rail journey between Flåm and Myrdal is a good enough reason to travel to Flåm whatever the season. Autumn being no exception. During the 20 km long train ride you see the changes of the landscape up close. The Flåm Valley with its steep, tall mountains, and cascading waterfalls gets even more dramatic with fog hanging over the sparkling blue river and colourful trees surrounding the small farmsteads.

An electric catamaran seen sailing on the Nærøyfjord seen from behind. Mountains partly covered in clouds.

3. The Nærøyfjord in autumn colours

A boat trip on the UNESCO World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord is a must when in the area. In the course of the two hours the journey takes between Flåm and Gudvangen you get to see roadless fjord villages, charming Undredal village, spectacular mountains such as Bakkanosi and Beitlanipa, and beautiful waterfalls like Sagfossen. When sailing past Stigen Farm hanging on a cliff above the Aurlandsfjord, it is not possible not to be impressed by those who once settled in this raw landscape.

On board the new and quiet full electrical vessel Legacy of The Fjords everything is arranged for you to focus on the marvellous view. There is no need to fear some bad autumn weather. The large windows give you great views even from the inside lounges, and the varying layers of clouds along the sides of the mountains gives a special atmosphere.

Two couples sitting around a table in restaurant Arven getting red wine served by a waiter

4. The tastes of autumn

Lamb and game, kale and root vegetables, fruit and berries. Autumn is also a time for the good, clean tastes of mountain. To gather around a table with a nice meal is even nicer when it is dark and rough weather outside. In restaurant Arven, you can let yourself be impressed by chef Bjarte and the rest of his team’s creative dishes made of local ingredients. Based on traditional recipes, they find modern and tasteful twists on everything from starters to desserts.

A woman and two children looking down towards the Aurlandsfjord and Flåm from the trail to mt. Prest

5. Feel the fresh air on a hike

It is not only cycling on the Navvies road which is on its best in autumn. The same applies for hiking in the mountains. The area surrounding Myrkdalen and Flåm is made for great hiking adventures. Walk the Aurlandsdalen Valley from Østerbø to Vassbygdi, ike to summits with fjord views, or a family-friendly hike in easy undulating terrain on Vikafjell mountain plateau. This time of year, temperature is perfect for outdoor activities and the trails are free from snow. No matter what kind of hike you choose, we can guarantee memories for life.

Two people flying down the Flåm Zipline with the hairpin turns of Rallarvegen behind.

6. Flåm Zipline

Scandinavia’s longest zipline is an experience not to be missed. With a length of 1.381 metres, elevation difference of 305 metres and a max. speed up to 100 kmph you are guaranteed feeling butterflies in your stomach. The zipline starts at Vatnahalsen, where you get to only by the Flåm Railway. Combine Flåm Zipline with the popular rail journey and a cycle tour on the Navvies road back to Flåm. It will without doubt be a day to remember!

A tray of champagne in a cooler, two glasses, and strawberries by a bed in a historic room at Fretheim Hotel

7. Romance in historic surroundings

Imagine checking into a room where the champagne is ready on a table with views to fjord and mountains. The bathrobe is laid out in case you want to sink into the jacuzzi to retrieve energy after your travel here. For dinner you are served a 5-course menu with wine recommendations.
If you treat yourself and your significant other to a Romantic Package at Fretheim Hotel, this is exactly what awaits. The tower suite of the hotel’s historical wind is as made for a romantic autumn break.

Two male and one female Viking standing in front of Gudvangen Viking village with swords and shields.

8. Visit the Vikings of Gudvangen

Who hasn’t wanted to travel back in time at some point to see how the Vikings lived? This is actually possible in Gudvangen. In the Viking Valley Njardarheimr you can walk around the streets, stop and talk to the Vikings who live and work there, learn about old crafts, and take a look into the houses to see how they lived. Make sure to stop by the chieftain’s house. You may even meet chieftain Georg himself. Included in the entry fee is a guided tour with one of the village’s excellent storytellers.

Stegastein viewpoint above the Aurlandsfjord covered by mist, surrounded by yellow and green forest.

9. Enjoy the autumn colours from Stegastein

The view from Stegastein is like an everchanging painting. One of the most spectacular experiences here is to see the morning mist covering the fjord dispelling. On lovely autumn mornings there is sometimes a layer of mist covering the fjord like a blanket. For an eagle's eye view of this, after you’ve had breakfast, visit the viewpoint that juts out 30 metres from the mountain 650 metres above the fjord. A minibus departs for Stegastein twice a day, meaning you won’t have to drive the narrow and windy road on your own.

A female shoemaker sitting at a sewing machine at the Aurland shoe factory

10. Visit Aurland Shoe Économusée

Did you know that the original penny loafer originates in Aurland, the neighbouring village to Flåm? The long shoe-making tradition in the village started in the 1880s and, in the 1930s, Nils Tveranger developed the shoe we know today as the Aurland Shoe. The penny loafer became very popular in the period following the Second World War and was exported to the USA, the UK and Canada. The present factory is one of the last remaining shoe factories in Norway. In addition to shoes, the factory also produces handbags and other items made from high-quality leather.

Visit the Économuséet and learn more about this fascinating story. Go on a self-guided tour around the premises using the Voice of Norway app and see the skilled shoemakers at work. If you fancy your own pair of Aurland Shoes, you can buy them in the outlet.