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Kongevegen: Guided walk on the Vindhella Road

Join a guided tour of Vindhellavegen and uncover the secrets of Kongevegen's (The King’s Road) most renowned stretch!
Top photo: Kongevegen.no

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Two people and a dog walking away from Borgund Stave Church.

Explore the secrets of Vindhellavegen

Vindhellavegen is a unique and captivating part of Kongevegen. This stretch is renowned for its distinctive, steep turns and beautiful stone walls. Like the rest of Kongevegen, Vindhellavegen was built in the 1790s by order of the King, serving as the most important route between the east and west of Norway.

The tour starts and ends at Borgund Stave Church and the approximately 2-kilometer-long path is easy to walk. The guided tour takes about 1 hour, including stops where you'll learn the details and secrets of Vindhellavegen.

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13:30: Start at Borgund Stave Church
14:30: Return to Borgund Stave Church

Meeting point: Look for the "Guided tour" banner by the church.

Hiking trail
Cultural/ Historical
From NOK 290,-
Vindhellavegen historic road in Lærdal
Two people walking on a path with stones put up on each side, green forest and mountains in the distance.

The history of the King's Road

Kongevegen across mt. Filefjell to Lærdal was built by order of the king in the 1790s, as the first carriage road between Eastern and Western Norway. Previously, the route had been used as a walking and riding path. It became the official postal road between our two largest cities. From Lærdal, the mail continued by boat to the coast.

Kongevegen was an integral part of Norway's modernization. The road was constructed with straight alignment, good drainage, and a width of 4 meters. The stretch between Vang and Lærdal is the most spectacular part of Kongevegen. It traverses challenging terrain with steep ascents, which you will experience up close on the walk along Vindhellavegen.

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