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Two trains meeting on the Flåm Railway surrounded by lush green forest and mountains
A blue train by a bare mountainside above a fjord
Tourists looking at the Kjosfossen waterfall and the dancing Huldra
The profiles of a man and a woman looking out of the Arctic Train at the Rombaksfjord
The Flåm Railway next to the Flåm river in a snowy valley
The Arctic Train in the dark above a fjord
A smiling conductor checking the tickets of three tourists on Flåmsbana

Train experiences in Norway

Board the train and relax! Let the views glide past outside as the train moves through spectacular landscapes. Train travel is a great way of seeing and exploring a new place. We offer two major railway attractions: the world famous Flåm Railway in Western Norway and the Arctic Train in Northern Norway. Both lines run through harsh nature where it is hard to imagine a railway line being built. Start planning your journey and learn about some of the most challenging construction work in Norwegian history.

Experience the Flåmsbana

Described as one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys, a trip on the Flåm Railway is a must when visiting Western Norway. Be mesmerized by the dramatic Flåm Valley between Flåm and Myrdal. Flåmsbana can be combined with the Bergen Line, which runs between Oslo and Bergen.

Experience the Arctic Train

Learn about the fascinating history associated with the Ofot Railway line on a journey on the Arctic Train. Norway’s northernmost railway line features spectacular Arctic landscapes and a fascinating history about the railway’s construction and WW2. Combine a visit to Narvik with winter adventures at Riksgränsen in Sweden.