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A skier in a red jacket, blue pants and white helmet flips powder snow in the air with a ski on top of a mountain
The legs of two people snowshoeing above the Aurlandsfjord
Husky dogs pulling a sledge up a hill from the Myrkdalen Hotel with snow-covered mountains in the background
A train in the Flåm Valley. Snow-covered andscape.
A boy and a girl taking a selfie from a fjord cruise on Nærøyfjorden in the blue hour in the winter
An adult and a kid fist bumping on the ski slopes. Myrkdalen Hotel in the background.
A woman in a hat and a colourful winter jacket leaning over the fence at Stegastein Viewpoint. The fjord below and a man next to her.
Three people backcountry skiing in line, with Myrkdalen Mountain Resort in the background.
Two men and two women sitting on a bench by a bonfire pan in front of Fretheim Hotel.
Two people with skis sitting in a chairlift at Myrkdalen Mountain Resort

Skiing and winter activities

Welcome to winter wonderland! Norway feels different during the winter compared to rest of the year. The pace is calmer with shorter days and a softer light. Experience the quiet but spectacular fjords around Flåm, go skiing in the snowy mountains in Myrkdalen, experience the magnificent colours of the Northern Lights as they play in the sky in Northern-Norway, try snowshoeing with fjord views, or enjoy the famous Flåm Railway.