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A man carrying a wooden stick on a path between blossoming fruit trees above the Hardangerfjord
Three women sitting in a garden drinking Hardanger Cider among flowering fruit trees
People on the deck of a catamaran on the Hardangerfjord with Odda in the background
View of the Hardangerfjord with a blue sky and clouds, fruit trees and forest on the shore
Two women in bright colours with cider glasses in their hands look out on the Hardangerfjord on a fjord cruise
A hand holding a glass of cider with the Hardangerfjord and mountains in the background
A man and a woman in summery clothing standing on boat deck on the Hardangerfjord. Windows reflect the scenery.


The picturesque Hardangerfjord is Norway’s second largest fjord. In spring and early summer, Hardanger is characterised by beautiful blossoming fruit trees. Later, once the fruit has been picked, you can buy boxes of apples, plums and cherries from the local farmers along the road. It truly is as idyllic as it sounds. A total of 19 local producers of Hardanger Cider, a protected term similar to Champagne, preserve the cultural heritage – and you are welcome to a taste!