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Lobby bar at Fretheim Hotel

Discover the taste of Flåm

Utilising nature and seasonal ingredients come naturally to the Western Norwegian kitchen. With blue fjords on its doorstep, fresh mountain waters, green valleys, lush forests and the varying weather in the region, the Western Norwegian kitchen has access to quality produce from the land, sea and the wilderness like few others. When utilised properly, the mouth-watering experiences are many.

Let us inspire you in a few ways you can enjoy the local flavours of fjord Norway in and around Flåm:

The famous Undredal goat cheese

For all you cheese lovers out there; how about a taste of the award-winning goat cheese from the tiny, idyllic village of Undredal? The quality of the white and brown goat cheese is the result of time-honoured traditions of dairy and cheesemaking, cheesemaking being closely tied to the village’s identity. As a result, Undredal goat cheese received the award of Norway's best goat cheese in 2011 and 2012.

If you visit Eldhuset Undredalsosten Visitor Centre, you can enjoy a display of traditional cheesemaking and an excellent opportunity to sample the cheese. The goat cheese may also be found in retail outlets in Flåm such as Flåm Bakery and is served at Arven restaurant and the Lobby Bar at the Fretheim Hotel in Flåm.


How to get there

Undredal is located by the scenic Aurlandsfjord, a short car journey or boat trip from Flåm. The classic Nærøyfjorden Fjord Cruise ferry stops in Undredal and departs from both Gudvangen and Flåm several times a day. The fjord route is without doubt the most beautiful way of travelling to Undredal.

Berry and fruit heaven

Every spring, the blossoming fruit and berry trees in the counties of Sogne og Fjordane and Hordaland colour the already stunning landscape of the regions with even more romance and beauty.

Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland have been the leading fruit and berry regions of Norway for generations. As the summer and autumn arrive, you can enjoy the taste of the seasonal delights – and what a lovely flavour! Due to a steady temperature and a lot of light, the slow maturing process in the areas makes the taste and aroma of the fruits particularly good. The fruits, berries,  juices and ciders that are produced give you a true taste of Fjord Norway.


Served and sold in Flåm

In Flåm you will find a variety of locally- produced juices and ciders in retail outlets, restaurants and cafes. These include Flåm bakery, Toget café, Arven restaurant and the Lobby Bar at Fretheim Hotel. When the fruit and berry season knocks on the door, Arven restaurant in Flåm makes sure it takes advantage of it in its menu. 

Ægir – award-winning craft brewery in Flåm

Shortly after the opening of Ægir Brewery in Flåm in 2007, the brewery received several national and international awards for its excellent beer. Among them is “Norway’s BrewPub of the Year” – three years in a row. Not only is the beer worth the visit, the pub itself is also quite something. The look and feel of the pub is inspired by the Viking Age, with dragon heads on the walls, carved decorations and a 9-metre-high chimney. The food served at Ægir also has an excellent reputation, using seasonal local ingredients that would have been familiar in Viking times, with flavours to suit the modern palate – served with proper quality beer, naturally!

You will also find a selection of Ægir beers served at Toget Café and Fretheim Hotel, for example. 

Extraordinary meals at Fretheim Hotel

The seasons, the fresh air and the varying weather in Western Norway not only gives great opportunities to produce quality fruit, berries and greens – it also benefits the flavour of the meat from grazing animals.

At Arven Restaurant in the historic Fretheim Hotel, you will have the chance to enjoy an extraordinary meal based on seasonal ingredients and local meat. The hotel restaurant knows how to utilise the surrounding nature and local suppliers in its cooking. From the hand-picked flowers in the backyard to decorate the desserts, to the tasty lamb originating in neighbouring farms – with lush pastures that provide excellent nutrition for the lambs.


Local meat traditions 

Curing meat has been a Norwegian tradition for generations. Cured meat can be salted, smoked or unsmoked, depending on the regional tradition. For many Norwegians, cured meat is a mandatory part of Christmas buffets. However, it is also popular throughout the year, if eaten properly, with fresh bread and butter, sour cream and a tasty vegetable and potato salad.

Arven Restaurant serves meat and cured meats from Haugen Gardsmat, Tveitegarden and several suppliers from Voss, all known for their quality products.  The Lobby bar at the Fretheim Hotel also serves a selection of cured meats and cheeses to enjoy as a snack or as an appetiser.