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Winter by the fjords

There is something special and mystical about exploring winter by the fjords: The fresh, crisp air, the unique shades of blue light caressing the snow-covered landscape.

Winter by the fjords is suitable for everyone. A wide range of activities is on offer, whether you prefer to join a fjord cruise, speed through the fjord on a RIB or just enjoy the spectacular views in peaceful surroundings. In Flåm you can create your own adventure, suited to you.

Two couples standing on boat deck in Nærøyfjord in winter, surrounded by snow and mountains.

Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord

Join the Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord and experience one of the most beautiful and popular fjord areas in Norway, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Nærøyfjord. This narrow and spectacular fjord is surrounded by steep mountains with snow-covered peaks that stretch up to 1,800 meters above sea level.

The Flam Railway

One of the world’s most beautiful train journeys, the Flåm Railway provides a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent mountain scenery in Norway. The train ride will take you through a snow-covered Flåm Valley – a true winter wonderland. The journey starts in downtown Flåm, which is only two meters above sea level, and ends at Myrdal station, 866 meters above sea level.

Vatnahalsen Hotel

For the freerider, combine ski & train at Vatnahalsen Hotel, also known as the St. Moritz of the North in the 1930s. Vatnahalsen is also a great place to stop on the Flåm Railway to enjoy freshly baked waffles, ski touring or simply just relax in the mountains.

Fretheim Hotel

The historical Fretheim Hotel will offer you genuine hospitality during your stay. The hotel restaurant aims to give guests amazing gourmet experiences – defined by local and seasonal ingredients, served in a contemporary style. Guests have enjoyed the magnificent hospitality since the late 1870s. Fretheim Hotel has a long tradition of catering for the needs of its guests.

Stegastein Viewpoint

Another bucket list experience is the Stegastein Viewpoint, 650 meters above the Aurlandsfjord. The spectacular view of the fjord and mountains makes the platform the perfect spot for taking holiday photos.

Join a guided soft adventure suitable for the whole family!

If you want to get closer to nature and wildlife, the Winter Fjord Safari is a fun and engaging trip on the Nærøyfjord in a fast RIB. Or you might want to take a breathtaking snowshoe hike in the mountains above the Aurlandfjord. We also offer a Cultural Evening Walk in and around Flåm, where the locals will give you first-hand insight into the history of Flåm.

Viking Village Njardarheimr

Explore the Viking village Njardarheimr in Gudvangen! You will experience the authentic life the Vikings used to live when they were not busy at sea.