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Field of purple flowers in front of the Hjørundfjord. Rugged peaks in the background and a boat sailing.
Three women hiking on a peak above the Hjørundfjord.
A man on a swing above the Hjørundfjord. The Sunnmøre Alps with patches of snow in the foreground.
People in tandem kayaks on the Hjørundfjord. Narvikfjellet  Slogen ahead.
A calm day on the Hjørundfjord, where the steep mountains are reflected in the water.


Discover the Hjørundfjord and its spectacular nature. This region is a true gem for anyone interested in outdoor adventures. Fjord Cruise Hjørundfjord links Ålesund with the charming villages along the fjord. We recommend using Sæbø as a starting point and explore the region from there. Get your Insta-moment on the famous swing in Trandal, try kayaking or hike up majestic mountains offering panoramic views.